Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Lessons from one bunny to another!

When I was out trolling for 'fawns' last night I saw these two cute little bunnies in the grass with what I thought was a rock between them. I pulled over and started to shoot and discovered it was NOT a rock after all.

The thing flipped over and it was another bunny....rolling around in the grass. Just like those crazy birds of bird girl's. What are these animals doing?

Then the one in the middle started to groom itself almost like it was giving a 'how to' lesson to the other two.

Go down to my video and watch the 'bunny flip' Cute little buggers they are.

The heat I think does strange things to the animals... This little guy was draped across a log under the feeder seemingly completely exhausted! Cooling it!

To God be the Glory
for my wonderful 'window on nature'

Bunny flips for you!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Fawns! at my old haunt

After dinner I went for a ride trying to find 'fawns' near or far or anywhere but 'nada' everywhere I went. So I ended up at my old haunt....yes! your backyard Aunt B. And I guess my prayers were answered because I actually saw a few fawns. Some far away, but I saw them!
As soon as I pulled in the crippled doe's fawn was hiding in the tall grass but I managed to get a few shots.
Mom came from out of nowhere and soon they were both gone into the bushes.

a little further up I saw this lone doe standing and watching me intently. I took a lot of shots and when I got home I realized there are twins in the picture.

They are at the bottom of the picture hiding in the weeds......look closely!

As always in dry run it starts to get dark and the camera doesn't like 'dark'
On down toward my dad's I saw this fawn way back in the field. It sure looked cute.

Of course Mom came along and it wasn't long they were gone too.

As I was leaving and by now it's really dark, I saw another doe with twins way up at the top of the field.

And all I could think was "Thank you God" for letting me see these beautiful fawns.
Thou has put gladness in my heart......
Psm 4:7a
To God be the Glory

Monday, July 9, 2007

A ride in the Country

After taking my dad out to eat at Slicks Ivy Stone in Bedford County we decided to take a little ride in the country. We headed West on 869 which goes from Osterburg to Pavia and eventually to Blue Knob. We encountered the Bowser Covered Bridge.
This bridge is a Burr Truss bridge with horizontal bracing at truss top level. It spans Bob's Creek, just west of Route 869, about 1.5 miles northwest of Osterburg. Bypassed by a steel and concrete bridge in 1973, it is now closed with a cable across the entrance. County owned.

It has vertical boards on the lower 1/3rd of the bridge. It sits on stone and mortar abutments.
It is 90 feet long and 12 1/2 feet wide.

On the other side of the bridge Bob's Creek lazily flowed along.

We came upon this old building which my dad says was a grist mill. Grist mill's were powered by a water wheels and were used to grind corn and whole grains which could be made into bread. If this mill had a wheel I could not see it from this view. But I thought it was an interesting site.

Check out the link for grist mills on the right.

We ended up in dry run and I snapped a shot of one of our favorite deer.

To end my day I was able to get this photo of a female hummingbird scoping out Dad's Nicotiana.

Oh sing unto the Lord a new song;
for he hath done marvelous things
To God be the Glory!

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