Sunday, March 1, 2009

Pussy Willow Shouts Spring

There are willow pussies
Clad in furry goods,
And a robin singing
In the maple woods.
There's a springing crocus,
And a budding larch,
Who'd ever think the Springtime
Came along in March.
Author Unknown

My best friend Barb, several years ago, bought both of us
a 'Pussy Willow'. Mine grew to be quite a large tall
tree while hers remained small growing only a few feet. Every
year in February I get excited to see the tiny little pussies
become furry and sprout out of the tan-grey wood.

I hang little buckets in the tree and fill them with sunflower seeds
The Cardinals are the first to come..
Mrs. C is perched above a bucket which you can't see, but
she is giving it the 'eye'. click for a closer look

Pretty Pretty Pretty perched among the pads of the
furry pussy willows

I dont know why but the pads of my willow look pink.. do all
look pink or just mine?

The pretty blue feathers of Mr. Blue adds color

More signs of Spring.

On one of my travels last week I caught a glimpse of
a Red Winged Blackbird... It was a dark rainy day but
he was singing loud and strong announcing that
Spring Cometh!

He was perched on a nesting box at a local bog

Around the yard Mrs. Downy looked so cute watching
me through the window
The Mocking-grape snatcher was getting some lift
by standing on an orange

And this little cutie Titmouse surprised me by giving the grapes
a once over and then.....

snagging one on the end of his cute little beak!

The Mockingbird looks so different when perched in a bush
and he says "Spring is Coming!" soon.

To God be the Glory ~~ Great Things He Hath Done

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