Thursday, July 31, 2008

Kestrel moments....

Of all the pictures I took, and that added up to thousands this
is the only one I caught of a baby being fed. I posted it once
before but thought it was worth repeating. This has to be one
of my favorite pictures.

The 'baby' last one out of the nest didn't take to hunting and
being independent as the 5 before him. He hung out in the nest

And sat on the rail for long periods of time. You could
always count on seeing him when you went there.
One night barbie and I were there watching . She
caught all the action... I didn't get the pictures .

Thanks to her quick response she caught this
'episode' Dad came flying in with a mouse in his mouth.
There was a lot of screaming going baby and
mom and dad. Mom was right behind.

It appeared she was giving him 'what for'

Notice the baby behind the squabble with his wings
out on each side.he was wanting that mouse
for dinner no doubt, but maybe frightened by
his parents sparring over the prey.

Well! Mom had a whole different idea. She
took the mouse and quickly back pedaled and
was out of there.

We can only guess what this was about.
Did mom want baby to hunt on his own?
Was mom scolding dad for trying to feed baby?
Did mom want the mouse for herself?
You'll have to figure it out, cause we couldn't!

Dad only stayed briefly. Did he console baby? Baby was screaming ....

Dad exited without much hesitation.

It was sad to see baby scream and ...

After awhile he settled down, without his dinner. and started to preen.

You just got to love these Kestrels.

To God be the Glory ~ Great Things he Hath Done.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Don't go little Kestrels.....

Let us permit Nature to have her way....
She understands her business better than we do.
Michel de Montaigue

Of course I don't want to believe that quote. I was and am so saddened by the departure of my beloved Kestrels. I keep looking in the tree and the nest and on the poles.... but they are gone. April 28th was the first sighting and July 15th was the last. The next few posts will be dedicated to showing you some of the wonderful pictures I have had the privilege to capture during the Kestrel nesting.

Two boy siblings displaying a little brotherly Love.

This was the last boy who kept coming back to the nest
looking for food, and waiting waiting..... right up until
the day they all left. He always looked sad to me.

How appropriate that this was the very last picture I got....
and then they were all gone. Fly, fly away, fly away all.

Please check back for more photos of Kestrels...

To God be the Glory ~ Great Things He Hath Done.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Country Roads...Take me home

It might be an understatement to say I lived in the Country growing up. These were the roads we traveled to school, to 'town' and to get where we had to go.

I took my dad to a family reunion over the week end and couldn't miss the chance to drive these Country Roads.

I lived very near this lake and fished here many many times. When I was 17 we moved away, but I have always and probably will always consider this my home. My dad loves to reminisce and tell me stories when we ride these roads. A good time to listen well, as this generation fades away so do the memories.

I have numerous pictures of this bridge. Today a lone fisherman
casts his line.

On a trip in the fall I took this photograph from the other side
of the bridge.

Another fall picture with a breathtaking view.

The Reunion was small and not a lot of action except for
a young squirrel who was taken with us and our food.

I kept talking to him and he seemed quite interested in what
I had to say. I said " Aunt Doris made some yummy zucchini
bread and it is loaded with nuts, do you want some?"

He smiled and said 'why yes I think I do"

I threw a piece not far from him and he took it gingerly watching
me all the while.

He said "mmmmm this is pretty good Aunt Doris"

In fact it is lip smacking good!

I'm going to eat it all gone!

Enough is enough, could you put that camera down? as
he covered his eyes.
So I did.

On the way home, I saw two deer in a very beautiful yard...
bottoms up for the first one!

The second one was eating the shrubs and grass.. the horse
was just standing there as it was a statue.
UhOh! she spotted me.

As the second began to run I noticed some little horns.

And that was my country trip...

To God be the Glory ~ Great Things He Hath Done

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