Sunday, September 21, 2008

Fall is quiet......sometimes

When my yard is quiet I just watch the dog....Ben. He always
knows where the action is. I just get down on his level and
look in the direction he is staring.

When he isn't relaxing on the swing.....

or sunning on the porch

He's watching the yard .....

On this day he was watching a young squirrel trying to
crack open a walnut

He bears down and bites while holding tight

gets a firm grip and bites some more

Now he's making progress

Looks like hard work for this young'un

So hard in fact, I think he fell asleep from the stress..

Now.. on another day... Ben was staring toward the building
where we store our mowers, and so I got down and sighted
in to see what his interest was.

Mr. Groundhog was enjoying a nice apple that fell from the tree

Like the squirrel he turns it and bites into it

He doesn't know he has an audience of two... Ben and me

The shoot was interrupted by Ben running
through the yard.. ears if he could catch it
It was long gone by time he got there.

Although... at an earlier time he has cornered a young
one and had a little talk with it before I lassoed him and
drug him into the house.
Ben and me... adventures in the yard

To God be The Glory ~~ Great Things He Hath Done.


Marsha said...

Oh, I love these shots through Ben's level! I was wondering if he was content to just watch or if he gave chase and then the photo showed him taking off after the groundhog. Sure wish stress could put me to sleep like the squirrel :-)

Shellmo said...

These were great! Your dog knows what he's doing!! (And I also loved that shot of him relaxing on the swing - precious!)

Bird Girl said...

Ben sure can keep you busy - cute! My favorite it that last picture of the groundhog with the apple - the best picture of a groundhog I have ever seen - they usually all look alike (groundhog pics) this one is cool!

The Birdlady said...

Oh Jalynn! Ben is adorable, and the squirrel pictures (especially the one with the eyes closed) are just wonderful. But that last shot of Ben and the little groundhog is about the cutest thing I've seen in a long time. You need to enter that in something!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad Ben decided to just talk to the critter as I am sure in self defense he would bite the dog. Anyway, this is just a delight to see and read. In all my lifetime this is the first time I have ever seen a squirrel eating a walnut. I always see them carry it here and there and sometimes bury it on my window sill but never saw them bite into one before. I also noticed how clean the ground hog is.

Brookville, Ohio

jalynn01 said...

Marsha: Thanks - me too on the stress, it keeps me up.

Shelly: I can tell you are a dog lover, me too

BG: Thanks for your great compliment on my groundhog!!

Helen: I did make that picture into a couple's from a few years ago, and I wrote on it "Let's talk about it" and on another, "I'm up against the wall here"

Abe: I've seen squirrels doing everything... I have 14 black walnut trees in my backyard.
And as far as Ben, the picture of him with the groundhog was before he realized HE could kill them. I have to drag him away from them. I can recognize his 'bark' immediately and know he has one cornered. So, I'm off with the camera and leash in tow.

Kathiesbirds said...

Oh, that poor little ground hog at the end looks like he's being held for his mug shot in a police line-up! Glad you rescued him! Nice series of shots!

HANNIBAL said...

HOW CUTE IS THAT? I loved these photos and the story that went with them. Cute!

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