Friday, July 9, 2010

Friendship is en-deering

Right at the end of work my best friend barbie calls and
says she is on her way to a little league game and she just
passed two little fawns... She didn't have time to stop so.......
I should go and see if I can get some picts.

When I got there all I saw was mama coming out of the
creek going into a neighboring yard.

I looked around and saw a Mallard with her young
swimming in the creek.

and then I thought I'm going to sneak down here and peek
into this yard...

Am I glad I did! and am I glad Barbi called and told me
to go.

Two beautiful fawns were feeding

The clicking of the shutter got their attention

And I might add it got Moms attention too! Get a load
of that look as she came out into the sun to check me out

Immediately she gave a very loud snort and ran toward
the fawns

It took a few seconds for them to get it

The littlest one seemed to understand danger first by
his body language
They set into motion....

Up went those gorgeous white tails

and away they go.
Thank you my friend.... Only a 'deer' friend would
let someone else get the picture...
To God be The Glory ~~ Great Things He Hath Done


JKoenig said...

How dear! That pose of the baby when they were setting "in motion" reminds me of Bambi in the movie when he was trying to stand up on the ice.....or maybe it was when he was bending down to smell Flower.

Such precious, precious pictures! Glad you were there.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

THese are amazing.Thanks for sharing these images and thanks to Barbi for letting you know about this.
That's what friends are for.

Shelley said...

Those fawn are so beautiful w/ their spots. Liked how the one crouched down like a dog and then took off - great shots!

Bird Girl said...

Yes, what a nice friend you have - she's a 'deer' ;-)
Those fawns are just so sweet! You got some great shots! Don't you think that one picture of the fawn in her 'danger' pose looks just like the mother doe we saw at Shenandoah when that lady tried to pick up that fawn?
I enjoyed seeing the baby mallards, too! You did a good job on the spur of the moment!

jalynn01 said...

JKoenig: Yes that pose does remind you of Bambi! How sweet they are.

Birdgirl: I agree with the look of that doe compared to Shenandoah . I guess in times of danger they all react the same.
Thanks again for the heads up.

Razzberry Corner said...

Beautiful. I think it's neat that baby animals are not afraid. Someone needs to tell them to be afraid of humans.

I love how the tails fly up first, even before the babies go into motion.


HANNIBAL said...

Too cute! True friend indeed!

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