Tuesday, July 6, 2010

You gotta LOVE those babies.......

Spring is gone and the hot of summer is upon us. Today
they say we will reach the high 90's with humidity.

The love affair of Spring... which starts with the

and leads to nesting is in full force.

The House Wrens do nothing but catch and bring prey

When I saw this mom gathering of all things...
insulation from my newly installed air conditioner
I knew she had a nest somewhere

As I watched her the Chickadee chose the log
cabin to raise a brood

My brother bought me this nesting box last year for
my birthday and I couldn't wait to see if anyone
would use it..

I can always count on those House Wrens.. I have
had 4 pairs nesting in boxes this year so far

Baby Red-bellied Woodpeckers come for the suet....
look at that tongue

They are always flapping their wings as if
they will fall... wish I could find their nest!

Not the tree to fly to baby Redbelly...
Mrs. Wren doesn't want you close to her babies..
She's that blurrrr of wings on the left.

One morning a baby bunny came out to sit
and enjoy the sunshine

This little photo-shoot was so cute ...

A baby Flicker came by to sit in the pink water dish
It's like he is saying...
"This water is deep enough for a bath:

"splish Splash...."

"I was taking a bath"

He was having himself a good time

Baby Downy gets some suet from dad

Never a shortage of groundhogs in my yard

And.... yesterday I took a short ride and stopped
at this bridge and looked up the creek..like I have
done a hundred times.. Usually nothing ...

But today was my lucky day.... Right on that limb
that hangs over the water I saw something...
Wow! First sighting here ever!
The Female Belted Kingfisher

On the way back down I stopped again and snapped
a few more pictures. There were a few birds just
flying around and I didn't ID them til I got home.
Darn! I would have stayed and tried harder had I
known they were Cedar Waxwings...

Don't let the heat get you down! It's gonna be a hot one
the next few days.

To God be the Glory ~~ Great Things He Hath Done


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

What a wonderful post! All those babies make for a busy yard.The Kingfisher picture is stunning.

JKoenig said...

You sure had your camera in hand at just the right times. Great blog. I especially liked the little guy taking his bath. Some friends bought me a bird bath, but I still have not seen any birds in it....maybe it's because I've been busy doing other things.

Have a great day!

Rural Rambler said...

Accccckkk!!!! Just when I thought there was no way this post could get any better you show us a Kingfisher! Great shots of some wonderful birds and cute houses. The bathing beauty is awesome. Fun post Jalynn :)

Bird Girl said...

Lots of babies - how fun!! I was surprised at how much 'red' is on the chest of the baby red-belly. I've never seen one and thought that was odd!
The baby flicker bathing is ADORABLE!!!
And I do believe your female kingfisher is a baby, too - since it has white on the end of the beak.
I even like the groundhog babies (so long as they are at YOUR house ;-)

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