Monday, July 7, 2008

Feed ME first, mommy!

As I was leaving Barb's house after 'wren watch' on Sunday
I noticed two baby barn swallows on the line at the
end of her driveway. I was trying to catch their expressions.....

They were flapping wings and looking all around...

Dad sat a little further down the line.

When all of a sudden mom flies in and each baby wants
to be feed FIRST!! Me ME mommy!

The one of the left gets the prize and the one of the right is still
open wide..

They are so darn cute.

Look out! Here comes another one and I want it!

OOps must have been a fly by...

Hey! We're over here!

This time baby on the right gets fed.

How busy all these birds are with their youngsters to feed.
A full time job and some.

Thanks birdgirl...I wouldn't have seen this at my house.

To God Be the Glory ~ Great Things He Hath Done


pcso lotto said...
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The Birdlady said...

Great shots of these cuties...they certainly make their wishes known, don't they?

jalynn01 said...

yes they do birdlady, I just love the baby pictures. You always have such cute ones!

Anonymous said...

The swallows are very small. Their flight is very fast. Your camera is very good.

The photos are really in good shape.

I used to sit on like a porch on a farm and the barn had barn swallows. In the summer, the barnyard was covered in grass and white clover.

The swallows would fly out of the barn as top speed and skim over the grass and the insects in the grass tried to fly up and escape only to be nabbed by a swallow who took a mouthful of insects back to the mud nest in the barn where she fed the baby.

Amazing creatures.

I am glad you stopped at the new Canon Pixels blog. I am like a kid in a candy store with the blogs right now. I made them and try them and delete them and think of something else and try another.

What you saw was taken today.

Bird Girl said...

Janie - those are just the cutest little babies! What BIG mouths they have! I love the one who looks little on the left in the next to the last picture - how darling they are!

Shellmo said...

Glad they each got a treat - great action shots!

Bird Feeder Scott said...

Just like human babies! Clamoring to be first. That is really cute. Thanks for sharing!

jalynn01 said...

Thanks Abe for stopping by...

Shellmo, aren't they just the cutest things?

Welcome Scott: Stop by anytime.

Birdgirl: I'm having so much fun at your house and in your neighborhood!

Marsha said...

Oops, thought I had left a comment on this one yesterday :-) I enjoy your shots of the barn swallows much more than any here. This is the first season in years that they have not tried to build nests all over my house! Tree swallows are more to my liking :-)

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