Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Garage Sale, anyone!

Most people put things in their garage to save for a rainy day
or because they are old or worn, or they think they might
need them later on, just to find out they should have thrown
them out to start... For instance, this pair of
sneakers.. though still perfectly good..
will probably never be worn......

Or this still in good shape work boots, that haven't been on your
feet since you retired last Spring.....

I think this was used for minnows when you used to fish...
or was it...I don't remember.....

The fishing pole overhead that is collecting dirt and dust.

Hey! And what about that MINN KOTA fish finder that you had to have?
Have you used it in years?

I think you have guessed by now this is not about
the 'stuff' in the garage at all. No! It's about that
crazy wren that set up housekeeping in a bag in
the garage.

This time when I got to Barb's I didn't even have to wait
5 minutes. Both mom and pop were in on it. They wanted
to feed the babies but were hopping up and stretching far over....
down to the ladder and

Up to the top of the roof...on the metal that holds
the garage door.

Looking madder than a 'wet settin' hen' cause I am
there again with that incessant clicking of the camera.

I did get her feeding the babies in this video. Listen at the end she
is chirping quite loudly and he is scolding me for being there.


Bird Girl said... there's an idea! A garage sale - haha. Too much work! Those wrens are giving you a real'll have vertigo by the time you are done trying to follow them around! Very cute and loved the video! You go girl!

Bird Feeder Scott said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! That's pretty funny. How long has the bird been nesting in that bag?

The Birdlady said...

Oh what fun!

Abraham Lincoln said...

I am so glad you are taking care of these birds. They are wildly beautiful and among the nicest little birds around. Or at least I think they are.

Thanks for all your visits and comments. I do appreciate it and will do my best to get back to normal but have been down or not feeling well lately.

Jen said...

This is great--I can't believe how many pictures you were able to get of Mother Wren.
I just documented a few posts on my blog about a Carolina Wren too. The babies took off on Wednesday morning and we got some pictures. Enjoy!

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