Sunday, July 6, 2008

Sharing is the BEST!

When my Best Friend went on vacation I took over the
'wren watch'. If you haven't guessed by now the other
half of the 'jane & barbie' adventures is birdgirl.
I will be keeping track of the Carolina Wren while
she is at Emerald Isle having fun :-)
Yesterday the photo op rendered this baby picture.
Still can't tell how many.

When I instructions were: look in the garage by the ladder and camo coat, you will see a bag with a turkey decoy sticking out of it.

Sure enough, after about a 20 minute wait Mrs Wren showed up.

The pictures I use the flash made her very nervous.

So I took only a few. The rest are without flash.

When she arrived with a bug, she sat on the lower rung
of the ladder and hopped up
until she could jump over to the bag.

She was being very cautious.
It took her awhile to feed, seeing her tail flip up and down.
Are you still there?

I was sitting in the truck with the window down.

Do you have to watch me?
She looked a bit sad at this turn of events.
After about 5 minutes, she was ready to leave.
She hopped right out on that turkey and was gone.
To see the first post go to the CRAZIEST nest on
birdgirl's blog. Oh! And if you don't have a 'best friend' get
one, they sure come in handy and it's FUN!


Bird Girl said...

Hey jalynn - you are doing a great job on the 'wren watch'! I'm so glad I get to see them from hundreds of miles away in my own crazy nest. Does this mean I have to bring you a prize ;-) just kidding - thanks for a job well done!

jalynn01 said...

no prize is needed girl! I'd say the prize would be getting to see the action first hand of the Carolina Wren and it's offspring! I'll keep you posted!

The Birdlady said...

Great series! Now wouldn't you know - Barb leaves you to sit in the garage and wait for 20 minutes, while she takes photos of herons and beavers in front of Michaels!

jalynn01 said...

birdlady: You make me laugh! It does seem a bit strange I admit, but we both get to see what is happening in two different places at the same time! Stay tuned.....

Shellmo said...

Great set of photos - you make a good watch guard!

jalynn01 said...

Thanks shellmo, I'm trying!

Marsha said...

How happy that I am that you are on "wren watch" for us! This is such a fun little nest, truly in one of the most craziest places.

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