Thursday, May 22, 2008

Back to Reality In My Backyard......

I may have left for greener pastures but when I returned the birds were all here waiting for me to feed them. The oranges I put out immediately brought Mr. Red Belly flying my way. He looked so pretty in bright sunlight.

Then the Mockingbird stopped by.
The Catbird was 'meowing' his way through the grapes I put out.

A blue flash, and again I see the Indigo Bunting. Twice in a
season, that's a record for me!!

This trio came to town instantly as soon as the seeds were

For some reason the R B Grosbeaks love this gazebo feeder.
I have counted 7 males this year and so far 2 females.
In the mornings they fight over this feeder.

This Mourning Dove looked pretty perched on the feeder.

I was afraid I would never see a chipmunk again as our
neighborhood seems to have a lot cats running around. But
I saw this little guy and he was just asking for a photoshoot.

He scampered from one part of the yard to another and then...

hopped up on this log where I keep bird seeds in the
cat feeder sometime. None there today...but he stayed
and posed.....

and stayed.


Bird Girl said...

Yes, back to reality. The yard was just waiting for you to be normal again...haha. I just LOVE that one shot of the chippy...he looks like he has a camera in this little paws and it taking a picture of the next chippy posing behind the cat. So darn cute! Some very nice pictures of your yard birds, as well!

Marsha said...

In the words of Dorothy, "there's no place like home"! What a colorful and fun welcoming committee you have in your backyard.

Anonymous said...

A neat post filled with nice pictures. I had no idea a red-bellied woodpecker or a blue jay would touch an orange. We have oranges out for Baltimore Orioles and they have gone on somewhere else and the other birds do not come close to the oranges. I wonder what the difference is?

The Birdlady said...

Quite a menagerie! All beautiful!

Stacey Huston said...

these birds look like they may be a bit dissapointed that you left them unattended...(grin) glad you are home safe

Sandpiper said...

Gorgeous pictures! I love the chipmunk near the Cheshire Cat!

jalynn01 said...

Thank you all for your comments. I so appreciate them! Good to be home... I guess, it sure was fun in Central Park!

Shellmo said...

You certainly have created a wonderful bird haven! Enjoyed all the pictures!

jalynn01 said...

Shellmo: thanks for stopping by my blog. Backyard birds are so entertaining.

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