Monday, May 19, 2008

A Ride on theWild Side!!

After the bird walk with Birding Bob on the second day in Central Park, my friend and I were just plain bushed! We had walked 9 hours on Saturday and another 5 on Sunday. There was lots more to see and we had not yet gotten to see Pale Male and Lola's nest by the Model Boat Pond. That is when we spied a solution... Central Park is full of 'Pedicabs' Two seated vehicles powered by a strong young peddler.

Pedicabs are causing Pedi-monium according to the Daily Intel in a article entitled "Pedicab Junction" go here to read more about it. The top spots for fare hustling are tourist meccas like Central Park (where as many as 300 pedicabs circle daily) A Pedicab is pictured below.

We chose this handsome young man who is from Turkey and
drove Pedicab in Istanbul before coming to New York City.

He took us everywhere we had not seen and waited as we
got out and took our pictures

We got to see Strawberry Fields named after John Lennon.

The Mall where a lot of the Statuary resides.

Beautiful flowers, twisted old trees, and lamp posts.

The main walking area of the Mall

Apo was smiling and happy to show us the sights.
Here we are at the Tavern on the Green.

Some of the ancient rock formations are seen beyond the sprawling trees.

Finally the last stop was the Model Boat Pond where
the famous nest is across the water.

As soon as we got there we looked over and there he
was on the nest. We knew from reading that the eggs
had failed and Lola had left the nest, but Pale Male
was still sitting almost not giving up hope. It's hard
not to 'humanize' these beautiful creatures.

In this picture it looks as if he is looking down
at the eggs still in the nest. .... watching...waiting..

It was getting late we had to get to Train Station so it
was time to go. We told Apo where we wanted to go and he
said not to worry he would take us.
We entered the Streets of NY at 72nd St. and Central
Park West at the Dakota Apartment Building.

The doorway where John Lennon was shot.

Off we went. The start of our 'Wild Ride' It was strange
humming along with our hair blowing in the wind....

Cars and Cabs streaming by.... snapping picture after picture.

What a view! Tall buildings,

40 Games 40 Nights... billboard

Streaming video on sides of the buildings...

Past the NYPD with Yahoo blinking in the background.

Sexy Target ads

An actual streaming video of a man and woman in a boat....
and more I can't show you!!

Our destination is 34th St. Penn Station... We had 38
blocks on the city streets to travel.

We were really having a ball!

We just kept pressing the shutter and Apo just kept peddling.

When we finally arrived we were a little sad to see the
trip come to an end. But what a perfect ending it was.
I had seen Pale Male and so much more!
We thanked and said our good-bye's to our new
Turkish Friend and were off to the train.

Good bye Pale Male, Good luck with your next nesting
adventure.... We love you!

And good bye APO... You made our trip fun and exciting..
Happy peddling through Central Park!
We hope to see you again!


Sandpiper said...

Oh, how I hate to see this end! What a wonderful trip you had. I loved seeing all of your pictures. It looks like you went to all the best places. My niece lives in Manhattan now and I can understand why she enjoys her life there. You've made me remember why I love that city so much. Thank you for sharing!

Bird Girl said...

Oh my...that WAS one WILD RIDE - on the back of a bike in the MIDDLE of NYC traffic! I still can't believe I did that - but it was so much FUN!!! Apo did make our trip that day and Pale Male, too. I wish we could have spent an entire day just at the Model Boat Pond observing Pale Male & Lola and the Hawk Bench people. You did a great job on your posts - and wasn't it fun not looking at eachother's posts until we were all DONE!!!

jalynn01 said...

Thank you sandpiper, I can say I love NY now too.

Thanks bird girl and yes it was the 'fun-est' trip yet!! I hated not looking at your blog, but you know we are completely opposite on almost everything! Let's go back!!!!

Marsha said...

What a wonderful way to see the city on the back of a bike! I enjoyed this series from your trip very much.

jalynn01 said...

Yes marsha, it was a surprise fun ending to our trip - on the back of a bike!! thanks for stopping by.

Jotter Jan said...

Oh I'm so glad I got to see the guy who took you two on a wild ride! haah I've really enjoyed the Central Park series!!

jalynn01 said...

Thanks Jan, the bike peddler was a not only cute but so nice to us. He made our trip so much fun! I hated to see it come to an end.

kenziekylanmom said...

O my children are soooo happy! You just made their day because we saw that movie "Pale Male" and we are studying birds right now for our homeschool. The pictures are great!!!! They kept asking if he was still alive and I wasn't sure since the movie is a couple of years old but YES he still is!

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