Tuesday, February 12, 2008

More from my Sharp Lookin' Sharpie!

When I awoke this morning the snow was coming down
in the Northeast. We already had several inches on the
ground. So I headed on out with my trusty friend, Ben, to
do the shoveling and fill the bird feeders.

For some reason I looked up and in a tree right beside
my porch was the little Sharp Shinned Hawk. I raced
inside for the camera and started shooting.

As always he looks up and down ......

to the side.....
to the right and left........

no doubt..searching for just the right breakfast entre'

He didn't seem to mind I was right under the tree...

At the very moment I thought he was going to stay awhile
and stopped shooting he sprung into action.

He zoomed right down into a bush and came out with a
fist full (or should I say 'foot' full).... looked like a bird.
I was unable to get it!! Darn!


Bird Girl said...

Now that was a snowy day happenin'--such a cute little raptor and exciting to get a BIF -ha.

Kathiesbirds said...

Nice photos of the sharpie! What a beauty!

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