Monday, February 11, 2008

Week end Birding in the Backyard

It was a good week end for backyard birding.
Although my furry friend took advantage of
the seeds I put out for the birds, AGAIN!
He doesn't seem to mind the snow and being
covered in the white stuff.

I didn't realize how many whiskers a squirrel has.
Reminds me of a cat!!

Saturday the feeders were teeming with song birds.

I counted seven pairs of cardinals.

Whoa! landing can be tricky!

The snow just kept falling.. and then all the birds
just flew into the thicket and bushes. Gone!

I ran from window to window until I spotted the culprit.
My resident 'sharpie' was on the hunt.

He ducked his head and bobbed up and down.

He looked right and then left and was searching for
his breakfast I bet!

He's such a pretty little hawk! It's hard to believe he eats

Being unsuccessful he flew to a nearby tree and sat in the top
for quite sometime.

When I looked out at the feeder a downy woodpecker was
clinging to the post and not moving a muscle. He sat there
for 15 minutes, long after the hawk was gone.

Even though the snow was blowing, and temperatures have
dipped into the single digits....with wind chill at 20 below
the pussy willow is right on time.... full of buds.
A subtle reminder of Spring to come.

And as cold as it was, Mr. bluejay didn't seem to mind
as he sneaks a bite of suet.


Bird Girl said...

That squirrel just looks so warm! Love your sharpie - my what BIG eyes he has! All the better to EAT you with...he must say to the little birdies.............

Jotter Jan said...

Cute squirrel pics and of course I just love your Sharpie!!!

Lindy said...

Gorgeous pics... as usual! :)

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