Thursday, July 31, 2008

Kestrel moments....

Of all the pictures I took, and that added up to thousands this
is the only one I caught of a baby being fed. I posted it once
before but thought it was worth repeating. This has to be one
of my favorite pictures.

The 'baby' last one out of the nest didn't take to hunting and
being independent as the 5 before him. He hung out in the nest

And sat on the rail for long periods of time. You could
always count on seeing him when you went there.
One night barbie and I were there watching . She
caught all the action... I didn't get the pictures .

Thanks to her quick response she caught this
'episode' Dad came flying in with a mouse in his mouth.
There was a lot of screaming going baby and
mom and dad. Mom was right behind.

It appeared she was giving him 'what for'

Notice the baby behind the squabble with his wings
out on each side.he was wanting that mouse
for dinner no doubt, but maybe frightened by
his parents sparring over the prey.

Well! Mom had a whole different idea. She
took the mouse and quickly back pedaled and
was out of there.

We can only guess what this was about.
Did mom want baby to hunt on his own?
Was mom scolding dad for trying to feed baby?
Did mom want the mouse for herself?
You'll have to figure it out, cause we couldn't!

Dad only stayed briefly. Did he console baby? Baby was screaming ....

Dad exited without much hesitation.

It was sad to see baby scream and ...

After awhile he settled down, without his dinner. and started to preen.

You just got to love these Kestrels.

To God be the Glory ~ Great Things he Hath Done.


The Birdlady said...

Barb is amazing, getting so much action all the time. I get so excited over something like this I can't keep my eye behind the view finder. Thanks for sharing these...please post everything you got of these beauties.

Bird Girl said...

Poor little fella - he looks so bewildered! I miss the little buggers. What an amazing and wonderful experience - that lasted so long I began to take it for granted - shame on me!

jalynn01 said...

Barb can get action like no one else. I seem to fall short. Thank you for your interest.. I have a few more posts to go.

Bird girl: Yes, I definitely took it for granted as I was there everyday seeing action all the time. Then when they left, I was soooo sad.. Shame on both of us!
Next year... exciting to think one of them will come back and nest!!!

troutbirder said...

That is an absolutely stunning sequence of pictures. I liked the commentary too. Thanks

jalynn01 said...

Thank you so much troutbirder. Glad you liked the photos and commentary.

Shellmo said...

The commentary and photos were just extraordinary - I was hoping at the end he would get fed the mouse, but maybe its better that he's pushed into survival mode sooner rather than later.

Marsha said...

What wonderful action shots! I bet mom wanted baby to go hunt on his own and Dad was spoiling the kids :-)

jalynn01 said...

Shelly! I wanted him to get the mouse too, but nature had a different idea for poor little guy...

Marsha: I think you might be right was spoiling and mom was teaching.

Leedra said...

These are absolutely amazing. I would have probably dropped my camera I would have been so excited.

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