Monday, February 4, 2008

HAWK - a -licious week end!

Saturday was a very frosty morning and I took
advantage early on and got some shots!

Be patient the HAWK part is coming...

First, Mr. C looked stunning on the branch
with the frosty background.

And the sparrow was peeking out of his ice
covered bush.

these are the seed pods of the Rose of Sharon bush.

The ice that formed looked like a fern like leaf.

The sky was a beautiful blue and the pine trees and
bushes were all covered in frost.

Mr. squirrel seems to be asking what I'm doing out
here so early with my camera.

Later that afternoon
The most exciting catch was a Coopers Hawk in the field
behind my house snatching a dove for dinner. Never underestimate
the Sony H9 camera and the far reach it has.
I was atleast 150 yards away. With the help of
picasa and some cropping and editing I was able to
bring it in a little closer.

I could not see the dove close enough to witness it's
struggle, but the Cooper was holding on tight.

Patience is a virtue and waiting it out is of no consequence.

It's wings would go up and down during this time.

Here, he turned and the dove outstretched it's wing... the
hawk ready for lift off.

Last shot before he flew up and away.

Another siting on Sunday evening was a Red Tail Hawk
in front of the Veterans Home. I see this hawk often.
It's always on the same pole, that is until you try to
stop and get a picture.

That is when the chase is on...and I decided to
to follow it on this day.

It flew to other side of the Veterans Home and landed in
a tree. By the time I got there it was getting ready to fly

I was able to get just close enough for this best
of the chase. It was still too far away.

It then returned to a pole turning to watch me.

I can't believe I could spot him
this high up and far away. You get used to
looking at all the poles when hunting and
recognize the 'hawk' silhouette.

My last Hawk Sighting was the little Sharp Shin high
up in the tree in my yard. He is a cute little hawk. Loves
to troll my yard for song birds.


Bird Girl said...

You sure had a busy photo weekend...that little sharpie is so cute! So hard to believe that it is a killer of birds - ha - but hawks have to eat, too. That red-tail gave you the run around but you persisted - good job!

Jotter Jan said... know I always enjoy Hawk shots!!! I really liked your icy seed pods!

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