Wednesday, February 6, 2008

It's Pouring in the Northeast

The rains are coming down and temperatures are
going up. We broke a record yesterday when it hit 59
degrees. The pouring rain doesn't keep the birds
from the feeders. A drenched titmouse comes for seeds.

My furry friend doesn't seem to mind either nor
Mr. C waiting his turn.

But the downy woodpecker found refuge in my wren box.
You can see where he made the hole bigger to accomodate
his body.

And to my surprise as I looked out towards the playhouse
I saw this skunk looking my way. I seldom see them in the
day, but always can smell their presence at night.


Bird Girl said...

That is a really neat series! I hope, hope, hope that downy builds in that nestbox! They have been known to use boxes - how cool would that be?

Lindy said...

Great pics! When I lived in PA, I had a bird feeder, and I loved watching the birds! My favorites were Chickadees and Juncos.

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