Thursday, October 11, 2007

Red Tail Hawk

I was headed home for lunch when I saw a hawk fly
up on a telephone pole by the Vets Home. Could not stop -
wrong side of road, traffic, etc.

So on my way back to work (40 minutes later)I almost took
the H9, but thought no way this hawk will still be there.
Lucky for me I have been carrying my H2.
Low and behold he was still there.

I carefully pulled over and took exactly 6 pictures with the burst
setting. Then he was gone.
All the pictures looked pretty much the same and
really weird because there is no background, the
sky was gray and did not show up. He was pretty
high up too.

He turned and took off. The last picture had been taken and
I was waiting on the camera to recover. That was the end of that.


Bird Girl said...

Great hawk shots! Isn't it just unbelievable how long these immatures will hang out at one place trying to get some lunch?!!

Jotter Jan said...

Great Hawk shots Jane!!

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