Monday, October 8, 2007

Autumn in the back yard

Autumn can certainly be seen with the eye, but
summer still hangs around in PA where the
temperatures remain in the 80's. breaking records
for October. From my deck I can see the turning
of the leaves and one lone bale of hay.

The Playhouse also reflects the changing of the season.

I spent some time on the deck and in the backyard and
here are my findings.
This wren, who usually waits until Halloween to show
up is already here. Appears to be a Carolina wren, who
knows what he does in Pennsylvania, but he stays through
the winter.

All summer I was looking for butterflies. Now one shows up after the
zinnias are about bloomed out.

While the cat is away, chippy fills his cheeks full of seeds.

And, I was ever so interested in this activity at the apple
tree. I kept seeing the finches fly in and out, so I got
the binoculars and watched. They were actually
eating the apples.

I didn't realize birds eat apples, but I guess they do.

And then the surprise for the day. The hawk I see from time
to time came swooping in looking for a songbird for dinner.
He missed, but hung out long enough for me to get
a few pictures. I liked the way he hangs his head
down to watch for prey.


Bird Girl said...

I think that's the best playhouse picture you've ever taken! Maybe it's the new camera? The Carolina wren is darling and the butterfly pic is beautiful!
That hawk looks so funny in that position -- almost like it has a broken neck - haha - doesn't seem like it could see better that way - but it must! Very cool catch!

jalynn01 said...

Thanks bird girl... Must be the new camera cause I have taken that exact pict of the playhouse many times. The macro worked much better on the H9 for the butterfly! I thought the same thing about the hawk's position...

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