Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A Playhouse for the 'little girl' in all of us!

One of my Most enjoyed obsessions!
When my granddaughter Alison was born I decided to have the Playhouse I always wanted growing up and have it in living color.

It is a dream come true for any little girl or boy. Has it's own bed if one decided to sleep there.

A newly built in kitchen for all pretend cooking and preparing. Everything from the sink, to the stove to the fridge.

The cutest little stove that Ali's Daddy made with real burners, knobs and even a digital clock.

Aunt Holly donated the mirrors. Check out the sign about Hearts and Boos Boos. double click for a larger look.

Grandma made the curtains and table cover and Ali's Daddy replaced the shed windows with double hung kitchen windows.

Ali LOVES to pretend cook and do dishes and have people over to serve her home made delicious foods.

I see we are getting company on this rainy Sunday afternoon. A tall boy walking under the trellis on the brick sidewalk to the playhouse.

It's my oldest grandson, Jordan, stopping by to visit.

It was a fun day living the little girl's dream of a playhouse.
Stop by again for another adventure.


Aunt "B's" Backyard said...

Pretty cute, any little girl would love that!!

Bird Girl said...

Yes, a little girl's 'dream come true' -- lots of nice memories for Ali to look back on someday!

Jotter Jan said...

Awww...that is truly a little girls dream!!

LIAM & SHAYLEE said...

I think I'm ready to move in!

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