Monday, August 20, 2007

Lifting your spirits with Flowers..

A Dark and Dreary day but my Rose of Sharon drenched in rain is just as beautiful as on a sunny day.

The obedient plant looks stately tall and beautiful in the morning sun.
One of most favorite flowers is the Four O'clock. I lost the seeds to my
antique ones and bought a couple packs of new ones. They are very different.

I didn't have white ones.

or Red ones for that matter.
the yellow ones looked very much the same.
But what I love about the four o'clocks is the scent they give off when they open after 4 o'clock in the afternoon. (Hence the name) These new flowers do not open until almost dusk making them very different from the antique seeds I had before. If I could just 'bottle' this scent that I love so much. If you see a four o'clock as it opens, sink your nose into the trumpet shaped flower for a delightful fragrance.

The hibiscus is a hybrid for our zone that they can survive the winters. A tiny bug finds it way across the petals of the flower.

Another favorite is the 'tropical' hibiscus. These plants have to be brought in when the temperatures drop below 50. I have wintered this one for 5 years in my basement with grow lights.

Hopefully the flowers have brightened up your dreary day here in PA where the rains just keep coming down.


Bird Girl said...

Beautiful flowers! four o'clocks are certainly one of my favorite - wonderful smelling flowers, too! Too bad they don't stay out ALL DAY LONG!

Jotter Jan said...

Nice rainy day shots!

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