Monday, August 20, 2007

My new 'hummer' feeder

Found this adorable feeder at Tractor Supply and couldn't resist bringin' it home.
The Hummingbirds took right to it.

There was a time I didn't get more than one or two hummingbirds in a season. This year was a good year for me. I had two and then they brought their young and altogether there were 5.

I'm guessing this is a 'young' one by the way her feathers look. She's keeping an eye on that bee on the feeder.

The male is always very wary. Always flying in and out.

Females seem to be more trusting.


Bird Girl said...

That little hummer is darling - and the feeder sure is different - I found myself feeling sorry for the hummer -- trying to dodge the water! Ha! I thought water was coming out! What a riot!

Jotter Jan said...

Oh I just love your new feeder!!! Wish I had a Tractor Supply around here!!!

jalynn01 said...

Thanks girls! We all love a new 'set up' for our birds. Makes it interesting.

Aunt "B's" Backyard said...

Hey, I have one just like it, haha!!

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