Thursday, July 5, 2007

The Raspberry Pie

We had a 4th of July Picnic to attend and I thought I would give my 5 year old grand daughter Alison a lesson in picking raspberries and making a pie. Here we are in the berry patch carefully picking berries.She had never eaten one and this is her first try at a raspberry... She liked it!

The Pie was shaped like a heart but tasted like a dream.
It was yummy and I got rave reviews!

Ali made a new friend at the picnic. They were talking up a storm right before this photo.

We do not see enough of this little fella, so I will end the 4th of July Celebration with my hummer fr
amed in the background with the proud and the true
The Red White and Blue
To God be the Glory for a day of blessings!
I hope your holiday was happy!


Jotter Jan said...

Love the pics of the little ones!!!

jalynn01 said...

Thanks Jan. Adds a little spice to life having a little one to photograph! But oh Gee am I tired.

Bird Girl said...

What a nice experience for Ali - picking raspberries and eating them in a pie! How cute they are together! Nice shot of the patriotic hummer!

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