Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Fireworks at Roxi's

Star Burst in the night Sky

This was the setting for fireworks at Roxi's . Beautiful pond surrounded by trees.
A peaceful 'window on nature' until the fireworks began that is!

AND this is the 'mad scientist' as Roxi calls her brother the chemist! who
orchestrated the fireworks. Double click to get a close up view.

Nice place to sit and reflect or...watch nature.

Don't forget you can click on the photos to make them 'life size' and see the detail
scroll down and watch the video. Great stuff.
Happy 4th of July to all of you. Remember our Freedom here in this Country and Don't forget to be Thankful and Praise the Lord
Glory to God!


Bird Girl said...

Roxi has a beautiful place for just such an event!

jalynn01 said...

Yep! It is a great place for picnics, bat boxes, honey bee hives, fishing pond, an occasional bear and even a deer sometimes. But friends and fun is really what's it is all about!

Jotter Jan said...

Great shots...the last guy looks like he has a tooth ache like me.

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