Sunday, July 1, 2007

I woke up to an empty 'cat' box

On Friday I took this photo and little did I know it would be last one of the baby in the box! I thought I would have more time , but I did discover where they were late in the game. Very late.The house wren is a tiny bird with a short tail that is often held cocked over the back. Dusky brown above, paler below with no distinctive markings. It is hard to catch the 'pose' with the tail over the back, but I managed to get several and have posted two from front and back for your viewing. Aren't they just the cutest little bird.
It has a distressing habit of piercing the eggs of other birds. Hard to believe such a cute little bugger could be destructive.
When I went out on Saturday to set up my watch I didn't hear any noises coming from the nest box, and mom and dad were flitting around singing their lovely bubbling, exuberant song. Then I heard the baby over by the fence and there one of them was perched. I took so many pictures. All of them so 'cute'
He stayed and stayed and let me take a lot of pictures.


Jotter Jan said...

They are cute...I'm sure you miss them like I did my Bluebird babies and my Flycatcher babies:-(

jalynn01 said...

Well you know when they leave it is usually sooooo quiet, but this time they are hanging around by the fence and in the thicket and I hear them and see them flitting to and fro feeding the baby. First time for that. I'm happy about it!
Your flycatcher babies were awesome! Sad to see them to go.

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