Saturday, July 17, 2010

Relief from the Heat

You hear about all kinds of things happening when you
have a long stretch of heat and humidity...
Tempers flare and acts are committed
and birds ... well they act up too.

I was sitting in the yard watching this young Robin
in the bird bath when things started to go south.

I don't think I ever saw a Robin this drenched...If you click
on these pictures you can see the facial expressions...

Then Mom comes into the picture and starts screaming at
Jr. and as you can see Jr. yells back...and I envision the
conversation goes like this:

"What are you doing Jr."
"I'm hot! I'm coolin off in Jalynns bird bath..."
Mom says "Shut up and listen for a minute"

As mom gets a drink Jr clams right up and sits quietly

Ok.. I'm done it's your turn mom.

"I'll just wait over here"

Go ahead mom wade right in... refresssssshing!!
NOT!! I'm too hot to wait mom..
Look at the angel with the bunny laughing at these two

Hey ! Jr.!

"What did I tell you? no splashing!"

Kids! They don't listen for nothing... anymore

You didn't have to leave mom... I'm sorry but it is
really hot today..

(Did you ever see such a drenched rat I mean Robin?)

All is well that ends well and later I saw a parent scooping
grape jelly out of the cup and Jr. waiting

Then they fly to the birdbath and Jr. gets a drink
of water and a little kiss..

Make sure you check your temper in this heat...
or at least kiss and make up ..

To God be The Glory ~~ Great Things He Hath Done


grammie g said...

How cute and funny is that... lol!!
Good job with the photos and captions!! : } I love Gods since of humor with his creations!!!
I wish I could jump in the birdbath too...this hummidity is a killer!!!

grammie g said...
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JKoenig said...

That is so precious! What great photos. I have yet to see a bird in my birdbath. It must not be in a good place.

Razzberry Corner said...

This Robin story is the best! I've always loved Robins. I think because I have a cousin named Robin!!! But anyway, I love the storyline, I think you caught their thoughts exactly!

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Oh, that is too cute.It is just like a mother,to scold and then turn around and give love.

debbie said...

Love the pics of the drenched robin!

Our birdbath has been getting lots of visitors this year. Robins that appear to be just sitting in the water, not splashing just to cool off!

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