Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Oh Shenandoah..Blue Ridge Mountain Home

Presenting another
jane & barbie

We traveled from PA to Front Royal Va
driving in and out of rain the whole trip

Arriving and paying our $15 for the privilege
of driving on Skyline Drive for 5-7 days

The lady Ranger was smiling as she extended
her welcome to Virginia's Skyline Drive..

Entering Shenandoah National Park...
and keeping our speed at 35 mph

As we begin the climb we see large rocks along
the road

If you look closely you will see tiny purple wildflowers
among the lush green foliage

Look even closer and you will notice the ferns growing
right out of the cracks in the rocks

Further along the stone wall lines the edge of the road

and the sky just opens up and the blue streams through
the white fluffy clouds

Like gravity pulling on us we must stop and
capture the breath taking views of the valley below

Be prepared to shift into low gear and
if you are driving an RV make sure you will clear
Mary's Rock Tunnel just south of Thornton Gap

As we travel up and down Skyline Drive overlook signs will
beckon you to stop and look and enjoy

None of them will leave you disappointed...

Each view as beautiful as the last


Along the road you will see the white ox eye daisy

In the wooded areas a plant I believe is named
'fly poison' or 'stagger grass'. It is toxic to animals if ingested

Lance leaf Coreoposis

A fuzzy Bumble bee enjoying a pink clover

Wild strawberry with it's delicate white flower

Early morning is a good time to see the mist rising
from the valley up the mountain

A change in weather gives way to more mist
and beautiful photo shoot

yellow Sulphur on a pink Mountain Laurel

Swallowtail butterfly tasting a purple thistle

We finally arrive at our destination....
Skyland Lodge

Room with a view..
Just in time to see the sun go down

It was a beautiful day... from morning until night.

To God be The Glory ~~ Great Things He Hath Done

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Ruth's Photo Blog said...

OK,I can close my mouth now.:) These pictures are so gorgeous.WOW !!! I want to pack my bags and head in that direction,only problem is.I have to leave for work in a couple of minutes.

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