Monday, May 17, 2010

A Step up for me

With my best friends prodding I broke down and bought my first DSLR...
a Pentax K-x.
I had been using a Sony H50 point and shoot...
I was accustomed to using Manuel settings so it wasn't
too hard to make the change to a DSLR. the one thing
that I wanted to do is capture birds in flight. So I sought
help and practice from the many Blue Jays in my yard.

OK you heard her.... Lets give her a show...
So she can try out that nice new camera

Wheeee I'm a glidder

Wind me up and get me going

Look out below.. I'm coming in

just catching some air

Oops.. I'm banking for a landing

Looking like a hummingbird

Getting those feet down is the tricky part

I was amazed at how this camera stopped the action....

followed the bird through the flight

and captured the moment
This is my Indian dance.... feathers all a -flow

Now for the real test with a real BIF adventure. I met
Birdgirl at the lake and the Osprey came by....

I caught him coming in throuigh the clouds

flying over head I locked on

If you click you will see it has a fish in its talons

I think I should have gotten a DSLR a long time ago.
I was always afraid I would not be able to learn how
to use it. Thanks to my friend for finding me this
gem of a camera!!

To God be The Glory ~~ Great Things He Hath Done


Dallas D said...

Wow!! Those are fabulous pictures!
And fun too!

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

I have always been amazed at your pictures,but these are the best.Catching those flight shots can be tricky,you did great.

JKoenig said...

Wow! You are a fast learner. I especially liked the "like a hummingbird" picture, but they were all fabulous.

I still have my Sony H9 but have not had much luck with BIF pictures. It just don't catch the picture fast enough, and I can't seem to see well enough to use the viewfinder, but I still love the camera.

Have fun....I'll be looking forward to seeing more BIF.

Bird Girl said... exciting is that? Looks like you had a blast playing with that new camera in the yard with the blue jays! And you sure did stop the action - I LOVE the one where he looks like a hummer and the Indian dance - really cool! You did a great job with the osprey flying over head! Here's to many, many MORE action and fly over shots :-)

HANNIBAL said...

Congrats! These BIF shots are great! All are worthy! Now, what excites me is Kestral season with your new camera. Your documentation is always thrilling, and now look what you can do!

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