Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Missing Kestrels....

Some of you have inquired about the Kestrels lately.
I wanted to let you know that they are gone. Where?
I surely do not know...

So, no sweet young baby out of the nest acting like
a brat and calling for mom.

no darling little face trying out legs and flexing his wings

No dad in the top of the tree exercising his muscles

Not one but three babies on the ledge at the site of the
nest hole (click for a closer look)

No fledgling tree with babies all over it...

No play time on the antennae on the rooftopNo mom watching every move that anything makes

Instead.... on March 9th I saw both Kestrels in the top
of the leafless tree outside work
On March 10th I caught a glimpse of both on the pole on
the rooftoop... not clear or detailed... this was before
the new camera!
Mom was calling
and Dad came to the answer..... but

sadly I never saw the female again. The male hung
out on the building for a few more days and was gone.

Maybe something happened to the female... and the male
moved on. I'll be watching again next year...
Thank you for inquiring..

To God be the Glory ~~ Great Things He Hath Done


Bird Girl said...

Yes...and it is a big fat BUMMER! I would have loved seeing them again - but am thankful to God for a couple of wonderful years of photographing one of my very favorite birds!!!
A nice memory now :-(

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Aww,that is too bad.I sure hope they or some of their kind return again next year.

HANNIBAL said...

Oh no! Thats too bad! I hope they found another site and nothing tragic happened...

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