Saturday, October 17, 2009

Setting Records

The National Weather Service says between five and
six inches fell in State College, which set a record for
earliest snowfall on record. The previous earliest snow
there was one-tenth of an inch on Oct. 18, 1901.

State College, the home of Penn State Football is
about 40 minutes from me.
I awoke to light snow .... and seeing the fall
colors of the foliage through it was strange.

By mid morning it was starting to lay on the
leaves and the grass

When I got home from work I stopped to snap
the poor little trumpet flowers

Some were filled with snow and the leaves
were sporting a nice white blanket of the white
Arriving in front of the house, I saw my
Halloween flag....
Trick or Treat? Seemed like a Trick to me!

They are calling for some more snow today
but by next week we are back to a normal
autumn with temps in the 50's - 60's.

To God be the Glory ~~ Great Things He Hath Done


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

You have shown us scenes of beauty.I know we don't want the snow this early,but,I think it is special to be able to see beauty in it anyway.Have a great day my friend.

Tina said...

I thought of you and Barb when I saw that State was getting a good dumping of snow! ;( We got a dusting..but I still am not ready for that white stuff! Trick is right!! Hopefully those warmer temps will show up mid week!
Such sad flower pics..I can't believe it really is your flag..cute!! and that we will be changing our clocks at the end of the month!
Do have a great weekend..despite this rain!!

Razzberry Corner said...

This early cold is the pits! At least we haven't gotten snow here in MD, just days of cold rain. My sister up in northern PA got the snow. I'm wishing for those warm fall days and cool nights!!

Carol Mattingly said...

Love your header image. It snowed here in Louisvile, KY a few years ago when the autumn leaves were still on the trees. It was a little odd looking. Carol

The Birdlady said...

I thought about you when I heard those reports - and I did NOT envy you!

jalynn01 said...

Carol: Thank you for stopping by and for commenting. It was very weird to have snow in October I will tell you...

Anonymous said...

Oh my. I am not ready for snow. We have had freezes and frosts but today it is almost 70. Can you believe that. Sunny and a breeze. Of course we worked outside some but there is a change on the way and I am not really looking forward to it. I like your photography.

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