Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hog Heaven

By the looks of this bad boy....I'd say he thinks he is in
'Hog Heaven'... He 's the only one left in the yard and
he continues to raid the bird feeder and pack on the
pounds in anticipation of hibernation
Is that a cough I see? Or are you just being impolite?

Heavens! I think that's a big ole' yawn!! It is soon time
to take the long nap in your hole

But not before you raid the bird feeder again!!
Move over chickadee dee... Hog's a comin!

Every time I see him up here, I just laugh out loud

What a fat butt you have!! Yes....uhh huh..... Hog Heaven.

To God be the Glory ~~ Great Things He Hath Done


Bird Girl said...

OH MY GOODNESS! That groundhog is a BEAST! I won't be surprised if he comes out of hibernation every sunny day to eat MORE of your goodies - haha! I'd say you've made yourself a big fat friend, there ;-) You've heard the way to a hog's heart-- haven't ya?

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

That is quite the butt.How does he manage to get up there?

Shelley said...

This made me laugh too! That groundhog has a "healthy" behind to put it mildly! LOL! Cute photos!

jalynn01 said...

BG: You know how I like to feed everyone..guess the hog is no exception..way to his heart. haha

Ruth: He just climbs up the pole.

Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

Oh my GOSH! He's HUGE!
You caught such funny expressions on his face. I think he'll be very well insulated this winter.

Tina said...

Ha Ha what a great post!! He certainly is a healthy and well fed critter...and those teeth..yikes!!
I can see why you would laugh when you see that butt at your feeder..I think he will have a great hibernation this winter..wrapped up in all that fur and rolly polly pounds!!

J, I don't know what kind of flower is in my header...I actually sent a pic of it to several web sites that said they could id any flower and no one has returned with an answer..??

HANNIBAL said...

Wow, that must be the biggest hog I have ever seen! And...I can see why! Great captures of the yawn!

Craig Glenn said...

Great post J! I have never seen one of those hogs!

Craig Glenn

Anonymous said...

Must it be a ground hog with the big behind? LoL

Anonymous said...
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Dallas D said...

Lots of fun ! He's a riot! Apparently he's at a good climbing weight.
I never did get a pic of any of the ones that feasted over at our community garden plots. I always appreciate the ones in my yard because they chow down on thistle like crazy. They can eat really fast.

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