Friday, June 26, 2009

What Happens during a storm to the Kestrel Babies?

Did you ever wonder where these young birds go
or what they do when a sudden storm, which they
have never experienced comes up? I got to
document two of the young birds who were in
the 'tree' during just such an event.
The wind was blowing pretty strong and the
rain was coming down sideways. If you click you
can actually see the sideways rain.
(sorry about the low light)

There was a lot of flapping of wings....

trying to stay upright as the wind blew and the rain fell

I watched for about 7 minutes getting lots of pictures just
like this one.

I felt helpless looking out the window all dry and
safe, while they struggled
They remained vigilant and strong and weather the
storm as well as they could.

After awhile they hugged the tree trunk and stopped
flapping and struggling and settled in until the rain

I call this 'right out of the shower' pose.. all puffed up
and waiting to dry off

As soon as they start to dry .. they preen. About 40% of
a Kestrel's life is spent preening..after all wing maintenance
is essential to flying.

Are you saying: Is she done yet?
I have to say I have so many
pictures but am winding
down to the end.

These days I see only glimpses
of the babies who are looking
more like adults and
acting grown too.

Last year they were all gone by
mid July and I predict they
will be gone sooner this year.

They fledged early and are skilled and strong..

Next post I'll share a play session on the
roof antennae above.

AND then... I'll do a post on the
Best Of Show!!
Pictures I got at random in
good light and after work when
I could get up close and personal

Then, it will be bye bye Kestrels for
another year and on to
something different.

To God Be The Glory ~~ Great Things He Hath done


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Por birds.I have often wondered how any bird fare during bad weather.

Tina said...

What a story you have told..with wonderful photos to add to your documentation..I will be sad to see it wind down and for them to leave..but how nice to think they might just return again next year!!

Bird Girl said...

That was a balancing act to be sure ;-) And I'm sure they'll do better each time...though I've seen lots of adult kestrels blowing to and fro on windy wires ;-)
That last shot is so cute!

DallasD said...

I loved this year's installment of The Kestrel Chronicles. Many thanks.

AMIT said...

Birds always safe themselves during bad weather.

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Anonymous said...

A really nice series of photographs. I wish we had some of those birds here. Or I wish the hawks would come back.

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