Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Kestrels playing on Antenna

On top of the roof of the building where the nest
was there is an antenna... and as the Kestrels
learn to fly they play on it.

A young male sitting quietly... from his lofty perch

A female is having a hard time getting a foot hold
and the male on the left is talking to her

"Hey calm down before you fall off!"

She finds her balance and sits still
On another day two Males are there... the one on the
bottom is calm and has a secure hold

The male on the top just can't get it right

As he flaps and tries to hold on

his brother starts to take an interest .. looking his way

Click and look at the brother with his head
turned upside down watching the antics of his sibling

The power of the wings is lifting him up but
that isn't helping his situation

After a long time he settles down and finds his
foot hold

and relaxes...

Away they go to find a new perch to sit upon

Fun to watch

Soon they will be gone!

To God be the Glory ~~ Great Things He Hath Done


Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

Another terrific series of photos and captions Jane! I sure can feel your love for those birds.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

THese birds have been fun to watch even if it is just through pictures.I smile each time I look at one of these Kestral posts.Thanks.

Bird Girl said...

That is my very favorite place to watch the kestrel kids play...they are so funny trying out their new moves ;-) you got some great shots!!!

Tina said...

I think when your kestrels take flight to see the world..you need to take all these wonderful photos and put together a scrapbook or collage. You really have captured so many awesome shots, esp. action shots. of these little birds! I've enjoyed following your kestrel posts and hope that some day I will see one or two or three here in the se part of pa. What a thrill that would be!!

Shellmo said...

Love seeing these Kestrel acrobatics - such great shots! That one looking upside down at his brother was especially cute!

AMIT said...

Another excellent photos from you.

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