Friday, June 5, 2009

Extra Extra Read All About It!!

I interrupt this regularly posted blog to bring you the
breaking news!!! A Kestrel UPDATE.... Today's

I had wanted to update the Kestrels but nothing
was really happening... She has been sitting by the
nest opening.... just sitting.

A pretty little portrait I took just 3 days ago of her in the tree

5 days ago in the tree eating some lunch.....

Here he is on top of the building after her lunch delivery

The favorite look out... on the pipes on top of the building

From here they watch over their beloved nest....

THEN.................Today after work I wasn't even going
to go look at the nest. I had seen her once and him
not at all.....but something made me go look....

I aimed the camera and zoomed in and there it was.... a baby
head popped up.

Funny how as soon as you see them, a personality seems
to erupt. Curious as ever he's looking up

And then turns to look out of the hole

Dad arrived and I didn't even know the baby was
there with mouth wide open... Can't see that when
you're taking the picture.

Oh! How cute is that...

As soon as dad left Baby #1 stumbles out of hole ....

I'm holding my breath as he puts foot over foot and almost
takes the plunge downward

As soon as he is stable he's looking up in the air
once again! Is he waiting for dad and more food?
who knows?

Watching them is so darn cute...

Oh My Gosh! Is he bored already? Or is he just sleepy?

Or.. is he actually calling dad for more food?

Now, he stretches his legs out long and stands taller...

Well... you know at this point I leave and start home. Tonight
is my youngest grandson's graduation and I have
got to get going... But.....on the way something tells
me to go back for one more last look.
Look at what I saw.............

As soon as I drive up I see TWO Kestrels. Now there
is a female on the right of the male.

He has the dots on his chest and she has the brown

I can't wait for tomorrow... The fun is just beginning.

To God be The Glory ~~ Great Things He Hath Done

For those who may not have followed my blog last year...
this is the second time I am privileged to document a
Kestrel nest. More about it below.


Craig Glenn said...

Great post!


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

FANTASTIC! Please keep us posted,this is great .

Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

Jane, you tell the story so well and the pictures make it all perfect!

Marsha said...

A picture perfect "extra" - I enjoyed it very much. They are so cute this young. I will have to go and check out my nest but I usually can't see anything because of all the leaves.

Tina said...

You had me on the edge of my seat thru your entire post...I'm so glad you went back for that one last peek! You must have been thrilled beyond words..I would have been!! How fantastic there are two and a boy and a girl!! So happy for you that you caught this with your camera.
Wow, wow and wow!!
Great job!!
Can't wait for your next update!!

Bird Girl said...

OH!!! They are so darn cute!!! I can't wait to see them! I hope there are SIX! Great 'coming out' pictures!
Have lots of 'kestrel kid' fun!

Beth said...

Awesome post. Please keep us updated on the kestrel family. Gorgeous birds and cute babies.


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, Jane, these are great! What a great bit of nature to observe, and thank you for sharing with us.

JKoenig said...

WoW! How exciting. Can't wait to see more.

Anna Simpson said...

A fantastic set of photographs here, very well done.

Susan Gets Native said...

Oh, you KNOW that post has made me all squishy!!! Not much is cuter than a baby AK!

HANNIBAL said...

I love this...Keep it up, the story is fascinating...Can't wait to see how many there are and the entertainment they bring.

Shellmo said...

I LOVE your kestrels! So cute to see those babies exploring their world!! Your photos are wonderful!!

Unseen Rajasthan said...

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