Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Continuing Saga of Baby Kestrels.....

Much changes from one day to the next once the Kestrels
come out where you can see them.
When I arrived the next day the male had already
flown the nest and was sitting on the chimney next
door. He kept hopping around and
making me nervous.

This is the Male that had his mouth wide open in the last post.

He now is learning how difficult it may be to find food

While I'm sitting there watching he fell into the chimney
and I was so upset I left.

Mom and Dad were close by watching so I figured they
would take care of it...

When I returned two hours later the female was
perched alone at the edge of the hole.

She was starting to test out her wings too

Then I looked up to the roof and I saw the little Male
doing some calisthenics on one of the corbels

He thankfully had survived the chimney and was out and
happy and active as ever
Getting pictures of a bird that usually isn't even
visible is just so thrilling..
You want the moments to last forever...

What is this? A neckroll? How cute! click for a closer look

I am the boy... I have black dots

I am the girl... I have brown streaks

And, a cute little face and pin feathers... see them
on top of my head?

Dad is back and watching every move both from me
and his precious babies.

You are gonna get sick of Kestrels cause I already
have hundreds of pictures waiting to be edited and

To God Be The Glory ~~ Great Things He Hath Done


Abe Lincoln said...

Birds and rabbits and squirrels and chipmunks worry the hell out of me when they get themselves into trouble And I am a nervous wreck until all the birds just out of the nest are able to fly away on their own. I even go outside when I could to make sure no stray cats are around. My wife says I worry too much. I suppose I do.

I would worry if I had really nice birds like those you have. Kestrels are the blue birds I don't have here. Don't know why some birds land here and some don't.

Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

I will NOT get sick of your Kestrels! I can hear your excitiement in every word. These are such gorgeous little birds.


Tina said...

NEVER will I get sick of your pixs of these amazing hawks!! Your commentary kept me on the edge of my seat..wondering if you really left and if he made it out of the chimney ;-0
Such great action photos you captured..such great captures ofall the antics the young go thru to learn about their environment!!
Keep them coming!
Great post!!

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Amazing photography on your part.Keep them coming,as these are birds which I have not had a chance to capture,yet.

Bird Girl said...

You know it is almost funny how miserable the females look compared to the males :-)
I just love those little males - you got some really super, duper pictures!

Shellmo said...

Bring on the kestrels!! More photos please!! This would make a lovely story book!!

Beth said...

May I have some more, please?


Kallen305 said...

Such wonderful photos! I am tracking some Peregrines who are just starting to fledge and I totally feel your anxiety. You have done a fantastic job tracking these Kestrels and sharing it with us all. Thank you and I am glad the young chicks are okay.

jalynn01 said...

Abe: Yes I know it's hard not to worry about these creatures we watch. There are storms forcasted for today and tomorrow and I'm already thinking how those little birds will stay in the tree...

BirdGirl: yes it seems the males are the ones with all the beauty.

Shelley: I did make a book from last years Kestrels and plan on a follow up one this year.

Kallen305: Thank you for stopping by and for commenting..

JKoenig said...

You indeed have been given a a "window" into something pretty amazing and beautiful. You have done a great job capturing their personalities and telling their story. I would love to see one sometime.

Richard said...

Visit my blog and pick up your award.

The Birdlady said...

I've been looking forward all year for these! And then I have been otherwise occupied (you don't even want to hear about it!) that only now am I getting to them. They are wonderful!

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