Friday, April 10, 2009

Excitement...Anticipation... Disappointment ?.....

Last year about this time I had two Carolina Wrens set up
housekeeping in my big metal propane gas tank. There were
six eggs in the nest when I went on my trip to Central Park.
When I returned the babies had been born and were all dead.
I never saw the parents again until late winter when
I started to see one Wren at the feeder occasionally. I never
knew why the nest failed or what happened.
On Sunday last week I spied the Carolina Wren once
again sitting on a low stick half asleep. So I started to watch!

I witnessed the bringing of the nesting material.

I thought only the male built the nest....
This Wren is really fat like maybe the female pregnant
with eggs??
Now This may be the Male...smaller and bringing a
different nesting material.. leaves

Then I saw one wren go out as the other went into the
the tank!! Same location as last year.

The little buggers worked all morning and apparently
were tired...seen here taking a little siesta on the stump

I love these little birds

They are so cute and I read that he sings much louder
than she does...

If you figure that out you will know which is male and
which is female.

It didn't matter to me because I was just so excited that
they had returned and were building.

Never mistake that cute little tail turned up to the sky.

On Tuesday evening I saw this one sitting on the stump
around dinner time.

Hello little cutie.

Right after dinner as it was getting dark.... I saw all the
birds at the feeders high tail it away and into the bushes.
Then I saw a gray flash past the window.

I grabbed the camera and went out into the yard.
At first couldn't find the culprit...but looking up into
the Walnut tree found the silhouette......

My very first thoughtwas ..... I HOPE that isn't my
Wren he's eating!!
I lightened up the pix and saw it was Sharp-shinned hawk.

The very next morning while I was out my Propane gas
man came and filled the tank.....scooping out the nest and
throwing it near by

I was just flabbergasted when I saw he had been there and
saw the nest on the ground... I picked it up and placed it
back into the tank......

Here comes the disappointment part................I
have not seen the wrens since.. It's been 3 days.
I could just cry.
But.... nonetheless I haven't given up yet.

To God be The Glory ~~ Great Things He Hath Done


NCmountainwoman said...

Dang! It's bad enough to contend with raptors, but the gas man? So sorry about the nest. Perhaps they have chosen another location nearby and you can watch them. Wrens are among my favorites, close seconds to chickadees. Sorry you won't be able to watch the nest.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

THis story does not have a happy ending,so far.Maybe they are setting up housekeeping elsewhere.

HANNIBAL said...

Oh no....I am hoping for a happy ending here...Excellent photos of an awesome bird!

Pat's Place said...

I, too, love those little birds with their cocky attitudes and cocked tail. They do tend to build their nests in not-so-smart places - but they simply move to another spot nearby and start building all over again.
If you still hear their lovely song, they're still hanging around. I sure hope so...

Bird Girl said...

You got some wonderful pictures of these darling little wrens - I'll be so sad if they do not show up! That is the thing about raptors - much as we love them...they are one up on the food chain...the little ones don't have a chance if Sharpie is hungry!
I love the picture of the wren taking a siesta - so CUTE!!!

Tina said...

I'm sure you will see them again..they are pretty determined little creatures and as you said such hard workers..they might have just moved their location for the nest..
As for the gas of man..that would have made me angry also..

hang in there and find your smile!!
all will be well again!! I bet you hear them within the next few days..they sure can belt out a song or two~!!

Anonymous said...

Wrens don't like to have their nests messed up once dumped it would not be the same. I would be surprised it they use it. But I would bet they will build a new one.

mon@rch said...

Stunning Carolina Wren photos!

Dallas D said...

The Carolina Wrens at my feeder are a determined bunch. Surely yours are rebuilding close by. This occurs in Nature....and Nature finds a way.

My Carolina Wrens pick through the seed which is all safflower seed most of the time. They throw out a lot of it - I keep waiting for the squirrels to catch on and just sit there under the feeder catching seeds like so many pieces of popcorn.

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