Monday, February 9, 2009

The Beauty of Pennsylvania Farmlands

There is a wonderful joy in leaving behind the noisy
city streets and starting out along the white road that
leads across the hills. With each breath of the sharp,
reviving air one seems to inhale new life.
Frances Theodora Parsons

A couple week- ends ago when there was still snow on the
ground, I took a long drive in search of birds, and found none.
But....what I did find was the beautiful PA country-scape which
I absolutely love. I know you will want to see it with me,so
jump in the car and buckle up....we're going for another ride.

Big Open Farmlands.. far away or

Close up... Red Barns.. or

white ones.. I love them all the same

Gently rolling corn fields with the mountain background

They call this "God's Country" and if you look you will
see the signs... There are many, usually tacked onto
the side of a barn...

If you click on this one you will see JESUS may come Today,
but look closer and in shadow you will also see 'Tonight'.
I had not seen the word 'tonight' until I took a picture
and clicked on it.

This barn simply has a scripture "John 3:16"
For God so loved the world he gave his only begotten son.

Speaking of signs: Isn't this a strange one?
Bolts by the pound? This is a Mennonite/Amish
community so I figure they need a lot of bolts
for buggies, wagons, and farming equipment.

I pass by a field with those rolled hay bales...

And several farms that house horses

Not only horses but a few sheep as well

As I swing back into a small town I pass an old feed mill

Next to it was an "Olde Mill Store"

I can only imagine the neat things they sold in here.
As I head back out of town another red barn fills my lens

I'm following a creek that is snow covered but
in places the water is running free and I had
to stop and take a few shots of it....

So serene... so calm..

There is something about a scene like this, that just soothes
the soul and says 'God's creation"

A single cow watches as I pass by
What is it about these running wooden fences that makes
you want to stop and get the picture?

As I get back to the farmlands....I see two Amish girls
with their bicycles

I had to be quick to get the girls and a short distance
ahead the buggy and horse trotting along

I passed and went up the road, parked in a church lot and
waited for the next couple shots...

I liked this one with the silo slightly visible beyond
the cornfields and the bare trees framing the horse and buggy

As I'm leaving I see an inviting sight. Two Rocking
chairs invite you to come sit a spell... We'll talk about
our day and rock away our cares.

Or maybe we can sit in these wicker chairs...
Your choice. Next time we go out for a drive.

To God be The Glory ~~ Great Things He Hath Done


Bird Girl said...

Funny how I thought you posted this same exact post before - but I didn't think you wanted to do that. So I started really looking at it and I see so many of these pictures I have taken! Haha! Isn't that funny? No wonder they looks so familiar! And YES, Pennsylvania is just so beautiful and you captured it perfectly - LOVE it!!!

jalynn01 said...

Yes my friend we both have taken these pictures over and over it seems, but I never tire of them. Each season brings a new beauty to it! Maybe someday soon I'll see some BIRDS!! haha

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Thanks for the ride,the scenery was great.

Tina said...

Enjoyed the trip, Jane. You did a great job of finding so many interesting things to photograph..and your commentary was fun to read. Love the Amish pics and all those ole barns... Pennsylvania is a state to behold...but then I think being born and raised here I'm very biased!

Marsha said...

If I can't be sitting alongside of you in the passenger seat, this was the next best place to be! Wow, you do live in some beautiful countryside. I live in farm country but it is wide home and flat and to see your rolling hills and mountain backdrops are spectactular. Plus, it seems like a more historic area with older buildings so I enjoy that. Is your snow really going? We have had two nice days so it has decreased considerably but now it looks so dirty out.

If I am lucky enough to ride along some day...I call one of the rockers as my spot to rest and talk over the sights we saw :-) Beautiful Jalynn!

Bird Girl said...

Came back to look at 'pretty PA' once more! Gee...I know those farm fields are FULL of Horned Larks and Snow Buntings (maybe even snowy owls) - they're just hiding in the corn rows! I like that little shop - I always thought it would be neat to have a little shop on your property out in PA 'booney' land - haha! The birds are coming soon! Spring is right around the corner!

CountryDreaming said...

Quite a fine collection of scenic winter treasures. And to think they could all be seen on just one drive! Definitely a road well worth revisiting for years to come.

Anonymous said...

Your God's country looks different from ours'. Nice photos.

jalynn01 said...


Our snow is Gone! and is replaced by ugly mud.I hate that transition between the snow and grass..The rocker is yours girl... haha

BG I also think that I should be seeing larks, buntings, and harriers in these corn rows and open fields, but nothing yet...Darn!

Thank you one and all for your visit and comments. I love taking you all along on my country rides.

NCmountainwoman said...

Yes, it is beautiful country. My husband once had a week-long seminar in Lancaster. I picked up a county map and during the day drove through the countryside. Lovely Amish country.

Shellmo said...

There is something so homey and beautiful about farm photos! I love everything that you captured! So many beautiful barns. neat photo of the 2 amish girls w/ their bikes - I felt like I had a peek into their lives.

Marge in the Kiski Valley said...

Thanks for the ride. It was fun! You're very creative and talented--God's given you a great gift and thanks for sharing it. I also checked out your Picasa album of your "yard" (quite big and full of woods, too?). Just love the playhouse!!

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