Saturday, January 17, 2009

Mornings come....and all is well

Or is it? Well let's go see.
Awww aren't you cute on the shepherd's hook with your
little head cocked looking at me.

Two more darlings looking for a handout.... Hey Guys!
Look under the snow.

The Lilac bush holds precious cargo... Good Morning Mr. Chickadee

Top of the Morning Dark eyed Juncos..

Looking closely I see two Blue Jays and a Male Cardinal
greeting my morning with a splash of color
Yep.... All is well

Or is it? Moving from the kitchen to the computer room
facing the front of the house I look into the Oak Tree...

Uh Oh!
No one knows this intruder is here... He's hungry too.
Not a peep or sound from the Jays and no crows
either to announce his arrival. He's a slick one.
My first thought was Male Sharp-shinned Hawk.

Small headed, squared off tail... grey in color
Then he turns and he appears larger than I thought.
Now I'm second guessing and thinking Cooper.

Then I remember the Female Sharp shinned is
sometimes twice as large as her mate.

I watched for 20 minutes as she 'watched and waited'

It is -1 and here I sit with the window up
drinking coffee......taking pictures.
I was sure she was going for the feeder birds...
I couldn't wait another minute...(between the coffee and cold)
I had to put the window down
and take a potty break.... and when I came back
She flew from her perch into the apple tree nearby and
snatched a dove and took off before I could lift the camera
to my eye. I missed the best part!

To God Be The Glory ~~ Great Things He Hath Done


Bird Girl said...

Your yard is bustling with life on this cold -1 morning! And that hawk knows a good stop when he sees one - haha! Love that little chickadee finding cover - so cute!

Shellmo said...

Great activity! I loved seeing that cardinal hidden w/ those blue jays behind him!

Tina said...

Such a variety of birds you saw this the little chickadee in the lilac bush..and of course great pics of the hawk..too bad you missed him getting lunch! Good to know he got fed, tho.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Your birds all look really great.Too bad the hawk doesn't find food elsewhere.

Craig Glenn said...

Very nice series Jalynn!


The Birdlady said...

That was spooky! I didn't want to see of chickadees or siskins being lunch!
Those mockingbird/grape photos are delightful.

Anonymous said...

That squared off tail reminds me of a Sharp-shinned hawk. It is probably a female. The males here are small. They perch on my board fence and the boards on the fence at 6 inches wide and this male is about 10 to 12 inches high not counting his tail.

I have two new blogs to show you:

Dips Pen
Abraham Lincoln's Blog

Marsha said...

I so enjoyed this post! All the pretties around the yard unaware of the hawk are gorgeous as is the hawk. You have beautiful birds to photograph each morning.

So is the moral of the story...don't drink too much coffee while a hawk is nearby?, LOL! I'm sorry you missed the shot.

jalynn01 said...

Thanks everyone for your comments.

Marsha: Yes that is the moral of the story...When you get older and the call comes you HAVE to answer it!! haha

jacker said...


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