Monday, December 15, 2008

Invasion of the Pine Siskins

If I get up early enough I can look out my bedroom
window and see the sun coming up beyond the
trees in my back yard.

It's a warming sight for an early morning chill.

I can also see a regular visitor...A Blue Jay rising with the sun

Or a common little house finch looking in the kitchen
window as I am getting water for my coffee

On this morning I am thrilled to see a couple Pine Siskins
on the feeder tray

Tasting some snow as he picks up a seed or two
The Pine Siskin resembles the Goldfinch , especially during
the winter, due to their similar size, however, the Pine
Siskin's signature call distinguishes it from the others.

The call is pretty and ends with an ascending zreeeeeeee listen here

Whether sitting high up on a limb....

Or on the shepherd's hook

They are the cutest little bird.

Before I could count to 10 .... I look out and the feeder
was 'full' of Siskins

One year, this species may be abundant in a particular area,
and might be completely absent the next year.
Fluctuation in a reliable food source is thought to be a factor in
their irregular migration.

This is the first year I have noted them at my feeders.

When sitting by themselves they seem so gentle, but

at the feeder they are quite aggressive towards each other
and the other finches. Two Goldfinches show up for Niger seeds

Ah Ah Ah don't get in my way

I like when they fan their wings and you can see the
yellow hidden there

They are an active and entertaining group

To God be The Glory ~~ Great Things He Hath Done


Craig Glenn said...

Nice post! Loved it.


Marsha said...

How fun to have all those siskins! Your photos starting with the sunrise and continuing with all the birds are spectactular! Loved this post.

HANNIBAL said...

You had quite an invasion! Fun post as always!

Richard said...

I had tons of Pine Siskins about 3 weeks ago but all have left for warmer climates. Great pictures.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Beautiful pictures.Seeing a sunrise like that makes getting up early worthwhile.Siskins,what can I say,they are so cute
,you have to love them.

NCmountainwoman said...

We had tons of siskins for a couple of days. Thankfully, they moved on. They are rather disruptive at the feeders, not to mention ill-mannered.

Bird Girl said...

How nice to have the siskins invade - they have no fear - such cute little birds and you captured a lot of neat shots! I really like the bluejay portrait!

The Birdlady said...

Wonderful, wonderful pictures - I loved every one. The blue jay is stunning.

Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) said...

Great the pics. :-) Susan

Shellmo said...

Great action photos of your siskins! They have such friendly little faces!

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