Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Saving Pictures

This is my office with the computer, printers, cameras
chargers, etc. etc.... My empty desk chair has been occupied
for hours and hours since last week

Occupied by ME... trying to solve a BIG problem

You know how they say you should back up your photos...
get an external hard drive and send them there...
Well, I did that a couple of years ago and felt quite confident
until last week when I started to get an error named
'delayed write failed' I no longer could send the photos
there, nor could I retrieve the ones that were on it.
AND.... I had 99 GB which is 54,000 photos archived.
Yikes!!!!!! I read and read and enlisted my son who has
a degree in computer science... It hasn't been easy.
Anyway... this is me in the computer room most
nights transferring my photos to my laptop one folder
at a time... and then I will transfer them to a new
hard drive. The only good thing about it is I am seeing
photos I had forgotten about and I'm sure I never
blogged cause they are from 06 - 07.....So.
that being said here is a find. My Red bellied feeding
a baby. I did not remember having this gem.

I'm sure I will find some more as I go along. I figure at
the rate I'm progressing I should only have 4 or 5 more
days of this! One thing for sure I am not out there
taking pictures.

To God be the Glory ~~ Great Things He Hath Done


NCmountainwoman said...

Great photographs. I'm glad you found them.

Was the problem with your computer, or with your external hard drive? (I'm assuming your computer since you pulled the photographs to your laptop.)

How scary and frustrating.

Marsha said...

The baby almost looks bigger than the mom. I love this shot, and am glad you once again came across it so that you could share it.

Love your office - the darkened shot with the lamp on really makes you look like you are burning the "midnight oil" :-)

Lynne said...

The thought of loosing my photos really scares me. I think we'll look into that this weekend.
I'm sure glad you found those pictures to share though. Fabulous!

jalynn01 said...

NCmountainwoman: I'm not exactly sure about the error...but I think the path was corrupted from the main computer to the external hard drive and not allowing me access..something to do with a device driver or cache...I printed about 7 pages of dos and don'ts not understanding most of it. It is so frustrating and TIME consuming.

Marsha: I have been burning the 'midnight oil' Yes I wondered later if that IS a baby it is so big.

Lynne: There are many on line storage places like smug mug, flicker, snapfish and many more. It's a pain to remember to send them but well worth it if something like this happens. Some charge some do not, and you have to check and see if they save originals or thumbnails. You want your originals saved! I neglect to do it because of lack of time.

Shellmo said...

This was so sweet to see - great capture! Good luck w/ the computer problems!

Bird Girl said...

You go, girl! It will be done before ya know it and mean time - I'm sure you'll find lots more 'hidden treasure' and even a ton you can trash ;-) Beautiful pictures of the red-bellies!!!

Craig Glenn said...

How awesome! I love those red-bellies. Sorry to hear about your computer wows. All that effort to save those photo's will be well worth it. Can't wait to see more.

HANNIBAL said...

Adorable, and you can see the actual "red belly" on that last one! You turned lemons into lemonade with this picture!

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.

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