Thursday, September 4, 2008

More on our Trip to NY State

Continued jane & Barbie adventure.
The trip to 'Sapsucker Woods' was covered by
barbie... go here to hear the story how we
drove miles out of our way, and got there late and
well.....just go here and see it all.

Watkins Glen NY was next on our agenda. We drove
right by it and didn't even see the sign. Little wonder
as you can see below it wasn't very large or
interesting to see, but we turned around and
came back and found it.

It says State Park but we were only interested in the
hike and the falls.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Watkins Glen State Park is located on the edge of the village of Watkins Glen, NY, south of Seneca Lake. The main feature of the park is the hiking trail that climbs up through the gorge, passing over and under waterfalls. The park has a lower part that is next to the village and an upper part that is open woodland.

Watkins Glen State Park is in a 400-foot deep narrow gorge cut through rock by a stream that was left hanging when glaciers of the Ice Age deepened the Seneca Valley, creating rapids and waterfalls wherever there were layers of hard rock.

We got there in time for the organized walk by a
young Naturalist, who talked way too much and moved
way too slow.

It didn't take us any time at all to move out on our own
and go at a our own pace to take pictures.

At first everything looked beautiful and interesting

It seemed the sides were a mile high and the stones
were all carved and chiseled

A lot of tourists were hanging around observing the stone
and water and the awe of it all

There were lots and lots of steps, but they were easy to walk
on going up or down.

Before long we realized that everything started to look
the same.

No matter how many pictures we took, they were
different, but just the same...

You could take the falls from many different vantage points
such as far away or
closer up..
From behind it looking out

or from above looking down
Water falls are fascinating to those who stand
and watch them....and listen to the water flowing
over the rocks.

We look up and see a suspension bridge above

Tiny blue wildflowers grew along the way

Our brochure said Hike time: 2 hours...
We had been at it for 2 hours and weren't even near the

It also said numerous waterfalls and scenic views...

No disappointment there

These looked like wild roses.
More wildflowers that snap when you touch them

After reading this sign I set out to find one of these Petaltail

Not far away was a pond just covered with lily pads...

Here and there a few lilys were blooming

It was here that I found the dragonfly on a dying blade of stayed still just long enough for a couple shots

From one point I could look out and see a farm in the
very distant landscape
We never did make it to the top.... time was slipping by
and we had to return to the bottom and continue
on our trip home.

To God be The Glory ~ Great Things He Hath Done


The Birdlady said...

That ws an impressive hike! And the photos are great! (Where were the birds? lol)

Marsha said...

BEAUTIFUL! I would LOVE to explore this place. All of your photos are so wonderful it is the next best thing to being there. When I saw those steps, I was happy you were climbing them and not me...what do you mean that many steps are an easy hike? :-)

jalynn01 said...

Helen: There were NO birds.. just lots of hiking. BG wasn't thrilled with the 'no birds' part! haha

Marsha: Thank you..I'm glad you liked the pictures..but really it wasn't that bad to hike up there, honest.. So much to look at I guess we forgot about the walking.

Bird Girl said...

You did a nice job with the post, Jalynn! I think if we hadn't had so many different hassles - we both would have enjoyed this more! haha

Leedra said...

The steps would have done my knees in. I agree with Marsha about the steps. It does look impressive, and love the dragonfly.

jalynn01 said...

BG: One thing about us though is we always turn our 'hassles' into happenings. Ever notice that? Then later have a good laugh about it all! thanks girlfriend.

Leedra: Actually the "steps' is one reason we did not go to the top.(I have bad knees also) We found a trail without steps on the way back down. The plan was walk to the top and take the trolley back down. Didn't happen!

Shellmo said...

Wow - a lot of stone and water! :-)You got great photos - especially of the falls!

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