Tuesday, August 12, 2008

What's in your yard?

If you look closely you will see the same things I am
in my back yard. The male Cardinal looks pretty
good from this view...but molting has begun...
According to 'All About Birds"
It takes a lot of energy to build new feathers. Molting is,
therefore, often timed to coincide with periods of less
strenuous demands, such as after nesting or before migration.
That would be now for a lot of birds.

Here is a great example of the 'molt'

This Cardinal almost looks tie dyed.
Any missing feathers are replenished immediately.

Since feathers cannot heal themselves when damaged,
they have to be completely replaced.
The replacement of all or part of the feathers
is called the molt. Molts produce feathers that match
the age and sex of the bird, and sometimes the season.

A Catbird starting to look a little rough around the edges.

Blue Jays are just beginning to loose a few feathers
Some birds have one molt per year and others have two.
Mr. Robin is still quite handsome with his white
rimmed eye and pretty orange breast.

I believe this is a hairy woodpecker. I have a male and female
that come for the suet. Curious little thing!

Tufted Titmouse

No feathers here...just popping up to see what all this
talk about molt is!


To God Be The Glory ~ Great Things He Hath Done


Leedra said...

The molting is starting everywhere. I have a comical photo of a cardinal, but I failed to state he is molting and have had several comments about what was wrong with him. I have also begun to see it in the Goldfinch around my house. Love the Titmouse photo.

Bird Girl said...

Yes, I've even noticed it in the Common Yellowthroat - and some summers my bluebirds look like the cat just drug them in - haha.
I love the color in the bluejay shot! And the titmouse is perfection!

Anonymous said...

All of your photographs are very good. And you certainly captured the molting process. It is the first molting catbird I have ever seen.

bluebirder said...

A new look and some great new pics! I haven't stopped by for a while for which I apologise. Great post - I always have trouble finding any passerines at this time of year let alone photo any.

The Birdlady said...

Boy they are truly getting a little rough around the edges. These are wonderful shots.

jalynn01 said...

Thanks to all of you for your comments. I appreciate you stopping by and leaving your thoughts!

Marsha said...

Your cardinals are beautiful even during their molt, I wish my yard held them! All the birds are wonderfully photographed and the last shot (gopher?) is funny but cute! I have lots of warblers in my yard right now, I need to find the time to sit still long enough to photograph them.

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