Sunday, August 10, 2008

Over the fence...

All gardeners live in beautiful places because they make them so.
- Joseph Joubert

My office at work is in an old late 1800's house made into
a Funeral Home. From my very large upstairs window
I can look out into the yard across the street..
which I do often.
Today I see the fruits of the Gardner's labors with
some sunflowers, pink & brown cone flowers,
a dark burgundy dahlia .. and an inviting yard -- all viewed
'over the fence.

As I look out I see some movement and zoom in with
my camera to see a delighted goldfinch stealing some
late afternoon snacks.

He balances to easily atop of the large sunflower head

I have to go downstairs and out on the porch to get a closer
picture of Mr. Finch with a seed in his mouth

I was having a good ole time just watching as the bird
picks away at the seeds

a paler bird arrives to land beside the other...Strange how
much contrast between the two.

More movement and oh wow! Something else behind the fence
stealing a few seeds for himself.

I loved getting these photographs at work. This year I did
not plant sunflowers and sure do miss the action of the finches.

Hope you enjoyed looking over the neighbor's fence as much as I did.

To God be The Glory ~ Great Things He Hath Done


Anonymous said...

The finches do the same here but the squirrels will cut the stalk with their teeth and carry off the whole seed head.

Bird Girl said...

One could begin to wonder if you do anything else at work other than take pictures ;-)
You got some really cute shots of the goldfinch - almost looks like a custom made feeder just for them. I have them eating from my sunflowers - they are so nice to see in August!

The Birdlady said...

He's a beautiful, happy little guy. Thanks for the lovely pictures.

jalynn01 said...

birdgirl: now you know that working in a funeral home can be a pretty 'dead' place sometimes. :-)

Thanks to Abe and birdlady for stopping by!

Marsha said...

I was all set to start my commenting and then read your response to BG on it being a 'dead' place to work sometimes and now I am laughing so hard that it's a struggle to type!
These are wonderful shots! I love to grow sunflowers just because of how great it is to watch the birds pick them clean. (sadly, most of mine blew down in our bad storm a few weeks ago) The color comparison of the two finches was really neat to see too.

jalynn01 said...

marsha: Glad you liked my FH humor! You can always hang up your sunflower heads and the birds will come. That is if the storm didn't damage them too much. Thanks for your lovely comments..I enjoy them very much.

Island Rambles Blog said...

The Goldfinches are so pretty, love the photo of them on the sunflower...I am just back catching up on your blog...cheers

Shellmo said...

Enjoyed seeing the goldfinch enjoy the sunflower!

Leedra said...

Great photos. My goldfinches seem to be very camera shy.

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