Sunday, July 20, 2008

Prince Gallitzin State Park

The 6,249-acre Prince Gallitzin State Park is in the scenic Allegheny Plateau Region of Pennsylvania. Large portions of the park can be seen from several easily accessible vistas. The major attractions to the park are the 1,600-acre Glendale Lake and the large campground. The State Park offers swimming, boating, hiking on scenic nature trails, fishing, hunting, and even birding.... We went there looking for Osprey but found much more.

Part I

An overlook gave us this view of part of the lake.

Further down Crooked Run at the 'Killbuck' mooring
we could see sailboats in the lake. This was a short distance
from 'Headache Hill'. (interesting and strange names)

We followed one of the trails, which was overgrown and
whispered promises of snakes ready to bite! But we
kept going....

The beautiful purple thistle in the fields attracted many
kinds of birds... insects!

The tiny hummingbird was making his rounds
and sipping nectar from the opened flower.

He spread his wings like a ballerina dancing atop the head of
the thistle.

Yep! I see some red on the underside of the's a male.

almost immediately another visitor flew in... my first for this
little fella.

He too was interested in the sweet nectar that awaited here.

The Hummingbird Clearwing does remind you a 'hummingbird'
hoovering there to sip.

You can see in this picture why it is a 'clearwing' moth
as you can see the purple thistle through the wing.

Then a rather odd looking butterfly came along.

At first there appeared to be two of them... looked like a second set of wings were attached
A mystery I guess.

another jane and barbie adventure.

To God be the Glory ~ Great Things He Hath Created!


The Birdlady said...

What a beautiful park - I need to check it out one of these days..this is a wonderful post -

Bird Girl said...

Yes - that is one huge park! And it was one HOT day! We were quite lucky to see all we did. Still can't believe I missed the darn hummingbird at the thistle! Funny. Very nice shots, jalynn!

Marsha said...

I love Jane & Barbie adventures! What an amazing friendship you guys have to have all these fun adventures together. I love the park and the photos and I'm glad the snakes weren't biting :-)

Anonymous said...

I have been trying to get some Canada thistle seed. It looks like they attract everything. Nice photography.

Shellmo said...

Nice series of photos - liked the hummingbird action and the unusual butterfly!

jalynn01 said...

Thanks to all of you!

Christy said...

A beautiful park! And you couldn't have asked for a better sequence of visitors to the thistle flower. WOW!

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