Friday, July 25, 2008


One of the most delightful things about a garden is the
anticipation it provides.

As I walk through the yard and survey my flowers I am
amazed by how many are blooming and quite beautiful.

I have been so busy with this adventure and then another
and bird watching and family picnics, and so on that
I haven't taken time to 'smell the flowers' On this day
I did. Come along and I will introduce you to what is blooming!

My clematis did quite well this year.
The Rose of Sharon is really starting to bloom.
I have the pale purple open wide.

This was one on a rainy morning with droplets of water inside.

The stunning white one is just as lovely.

This odd little flower came into my possession because I
bought a new porch umbrella and it is orange. It is called
a maple leaf flower, and matches my porch well as you can see
in the next photo.

Lantana has always been one of my favorites. The hummingbirds
and bees love it, and in the South it is grown as a shrub. Here in PA
I take mine in and winter them in my basement.

The red hot poker has pretty perky bright spikes.

I have two Tropical Hibiscus and I also have to winter them
in the basement. This one is my favorite. The flowers are deep
red and exquiste. Hummingbirds love it too.

For stunning detail click on the picture.

The yellow one is also beautiful, and I keep both of them
potted and have them on the porch/deck in the summer.

The Hibiscus seems like a 'rich man's' flower

Where the petunia shaped very much the same seems like
the poor man's flower. The bumble bee is loaded down with
pollen from this purple beauty.

Oops not a flower, but he was hopping through the grass
and all I could think, was My what a big eye you have.
Are you looking at my flowers?
I'm sure he was there for the clover.

I hope you enjoyed the garden tour.

To God Be The Glory ~ Great Things He Hath Created


The Birdlady said...

Your flowers are beautiful - thanks for sharing - love the color-coordinated unbrella/flower!

Bird Girl said...

I'm glad you are taking time to smell and (photograph) the flowers. They look beautiful! I like that little orange number that matches the umbrella!

Old Lady Lincoln said...

Beautfiul flowers! Thanks for the walk through your garden. Also thanks for your visit to my blog. Have a wonderful week-end.

Marsha said...

Beautiful flowers and I am so happy that you are taking time to "smell them" and share them here with all of us! I am not familiar with the rose of sharon and I've tried red hot poker twice but they freeze out. Lucky you to have both of these. Lantanas are also one of my favorites. Do you have lots of light in your basement to overwinter it there?

Lake Lady said...

Thank you for a delightful tour of your garden!

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