Wednesday, June 11, 2008

'Wren't Free housing...

That would be something to sing about!

I have so many House Wrens in my yard that at times
they sing in unison and it sounds like stereo.

The one in the little red house has babies and is in and out
all day feeding while it's mate sits in the tree above and

When she stands at the door I can hear many little
chirpers inside. They must know mommy is out there.

They are the happiest sounding bird I have ever heard.
Their tee kettle tee kettle tee kettle is loud.

No nest yet in the pink house but being checked out by
a different pair of happy singers.

This is yet another one in a tree in my backyard. singing
loudly of course.

under the tree in low light they look so different

While watching Wrens this morning I caught this Northern
Flicker stopping for a drink.


The Birdlady said...

So tiny and happy - and LOUD. Great post.

Marsha said...

I too am listening to the wrens while checking out my favorite blogs! They definitely are the loudest voices in the garden. I love all these shots but whenever I see the ones of birds peeking out of or leaving a entry hole they just make me SMILE! The flicker shot is wonderful too...they really are a beautiful bird.

jalynn01 said...

Thanks birdlady... I really do love them!

yes, I love when they are peeking out and when the babies start to stick their heads out too! can't wait!

Shellmo said...

You definitely have the desirable housing - I think the wrens are singing their appreciation!

Anonymous said...

What do I have to do to attract Flickers? LOL I got woodpeckers coming out of my ears at different times of the year but there is never a Flicker.

In fact I don't have half as many different birds as you do. I spent some time taking pictures today of a "new" bird eating thistle seed. Just looked different and when I got them in the computer it turned out to be a female gold finch.

Sandpiper said...

These pictures are wonderful! Great picture of the flicker and I love the little wren.

Bird Girl said...

The little red school house just seems to fit the wrens - I remember last year you got the most adorable shots of the mom feeding the babies in that feeder. The wrens sure do seem extra happy, with their constant singing. The flicker is just awesome!!!

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