Saturday, June 14, 2008

Happy Father's Day

We do not remember days, we remember moments.
Cesare Pavese

I thought I would use these pictures to wish all you fathers out there a happy day! I know some of you like to see this shot between the cross hairs , but I prefer to see it through my lens and thrill at the sight every time I see one of these magnificent creatures.

I wasn't going to look for deer tonight but at the last minute changed my mind and decided to go. It was raining and dark, not good for photos but am I ever glad I went.

The first deer I saw was faraway and was putting more distance
between me and her.

Then, as if an answer to prayer, I saw this mama helping
her little one along.

She didn't want me to see him and was stepping quite fast.

The little fella was keeping up and moving right along.

Isn't he just adorable. I love to see the fawns.

Mom isn't happy with me sitting in the car taking pictures.

He did a lot of jumping and hopping around.
Hard to get a good clear picture with all the motion

After alot of pictures she says ok, honey it's time to go.

Come on now..

Hurry along.

After she had him hid in the grass.. she came out to give
me one more look posing beautifully in the grass.
This handsome doe was standing perfectly still as if
I couldn't see her through that grass. She stared and stared
at me, and I kept taking pictures. I got about 20! all the same.

Another one hiding and standing perfectly still. She probably
has a baby hidden from me.
What a long face she has.

Now this one was like a jokester... see her laughing!!
Wasn't trying to run away or anything.

She stood and watched me unafraid of the camera or car.
See her back legs touching together... my mom would
have used a term like 'knock kneed' for that.

And, once again I see the piebald deer. She has been around
for a lot of years. It is always a relief to see her in the Spring and
know she out smarted the hunters one more year.

Let's honor our fathers and let them know how important
they are in our lives.

To God be The Glory ~ Great things He Hath Done


Anonymous said...

Beautiful photography.

Happy Father's Day to the fathers in your family and to you a blessed day.

I hear cardinals, Carolina wrens, grackle babies wanting fed, and other nature sounds and the sky in the east is getting brighter and the air is cool and the doors are open and so are the windows. I am blessed on this Father's Day morning.

jalynn01 said...

Happy Fathers Day Abe..Your morning sounds like the perfect day is beginning. Thanks for stopping by and for your blessed wishes!

The Birdlady said...

Oh how wonderful! They are such exquisite creatures.

Bird Girl said...

You saw so many! I'm so happy to see our piebald!!! Yippee - she lives on and the hunters didn't get her! I just love that fawn - how sweet!!! I'm so glad you got to see these - great job!!!

jalynn01 said...

Thanks birdlady. and bird girl. I was so happy to see a fawn at last!

Marsha said...

How lucky to be able to see that little fawn! He is such a little cutie...I wish I could have been there. Thank you for sharing these wonderful photos.

jalynn01 said...

Yes Marsha! Fawns are exciting to see...and I look for them in the Spring as much as time allows. Thanks for stopping by!

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