Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Baby Album

If you don't calm down I am going to peck you! I don't
want to fall out of this nest yet.

Am I Gorgeous or what? I am the first
Kestrel to jump out of the nest and I am a ham!
These girls and their cameras don't scare me.

This is one of my brothers... He's just as handsome as
I am pretty.

I"ll pose pretty for you..

I have to clean up now ... but you can see me and my 5
brothers in the slide show right here on the top right of the
blog. I have pretty brown stripes on my breast
and brown rust and white feathers. My brothers
have black dots on their chests and a slate blue tint
to their wing feathers and tops of their heads.
We both share beautiful big eyes and dark stripes
on our faces. We are one of the most colorful
falcons in the world.


mon@rch said...

I think this is the perfect Baby Album! :)

Abraham Lincoln said...

You have a magnificent collection of photos of these birds and I hope you can keep them safe. Or maybe a photo book-- is a place I often use.

The Birdlady said...

These are to die for! The little ones are so gorgeous and your photos are the best I've ever seen of fledgling kestrals. Unbelievable!

Marsha said...

These are the BEST! I'm awestruck by how the eyes almost show "emotion". They are beautiful, beautiful birds and you have captured them perfectly.

jalynn01 said...

Monarch: Thanks so much for stopping by.. glad you liked the Baby album.

Abe: I am going to make a book in shutterfly, and I put my photos on picasa. I will check out friend uses smugmug but there is a fee for that one. Thanks for stopping by

birdlady: thanks! That means a lot coming from you whose photos are gorgeous!

Abraham Lincoln said...

Well PA isn't that far from WV and we go to WV or did last year. Short and sweet trip. My wife doesn't like turning so much.

I don't think there are many straight roads in WV.

I do appreciate your response to My Better Writing Blog as it means so much to get feedback. I have all sorts of programs that tells me a lot about how long people are on my pages and reading and right now it is about an hour. So what I am doing must interest a lot of people. Some think I can write but my 10th grade English teacher said I would never make a writer. LOL

Thanks again.

jalynn01 said...

Thanks Marsha! I'm awestruck too. Never thought I would have this opportunity!

Sandpiper (Lin) said...

These pictures are AMAZING! I love every one of them!! I'm so glad that you're able to watch this progression and share these pictures. Sooooooooo wonderful!
Thank you!

Eve said...

Jalynn you have done such a wonderful job documenting these fantastic creatures!! Hats off to you!!!
Thanks so much!!

jalynn01 said...

Thank you a lin, so glad you enjoyed this series.

eve: thanks for stopping by my blog.. Your gracious comments are so appreciated.

Bird Girl said...

Aren't these just the cutest kids you ever did see???

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