Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Love of My Backyard!

Why is it when you want to stay home, you have stuff that
makes you leave? That's how I felt this week end.
There just isn't anything better than hearing or
seeing a bird return to your backyard after the long winter.
Last night I played the Oriole song out the window hoping
to see one, but no luck.
When I got up early this morning I looked out and there
was one on my feeder looking at grapes. It flew but I hastily
grabbed the camera and searched for it in the tree.

The first and second shot were just to prove to myself it
was in deed a Baltimore Oriole.... OK, yes it is.

Then it hopped to another branch and I was able to
validate it further. The bright orange breast and black head
is the give-away.

I have plans to go out for dinner today, and I don't wanna go!
While I was in the yard I could hear two more Orioles singing!

The Rose-breasted Grosbeak came to the feeder.
Then I noticed an immature on the feeder in front of the lilacs.
You can tell by the brown in the wing feathers and his breast
patch wouldn't be solid red yet.

Soon a Catbird came to the same feeder to inspect the oranges
left there for the Orioles.

They love Oranges too. Proof as you can see by the hunk it
tore off.

These birds are so sleek and pretty.

Then I spotted the first Male Hummingbird at the sugar water.

And I was really bumming out because I had not seen
the Mockingbird (a cousin of the catbird) at my feeders
this year. Well, I looked out again and there
he was!! I had heard them singing but could not spot him
in the tippy top of the trees where they love to sit and serenade
borrowing from every other bird's song.
They love grapes as well.

hi! I see you too!

Click to see his detail. The eye looks wild.
A Red-bellied Woodpecker came to the other side of the
feeder and peeks around to see with whom he's sharing his perch!

Gosh! He's a beauty close up.

Seeing the world and with it, falling in love,
Is seeing the creation and what God is capable of.

I'm sorry I posted so many pictures, but I just had to share......

To God be the Glory!
What magnificent creatures he hath made.


Bird Girl said...

Aren't those mockingbirds funny? They make so many different faces! You sure had a fun day in the wonder you wanted to stay home! Love the Catbird eating oranges and the beautiful Red-belly portrait. I will say, though...your Baltimore Oriole looks like he needs to be washed in a 'brightner'! He sure looks drab. Wonder why? His black looks brown and his orange looks like a robin breast color. Funny!

jalynn01 said...

We haven't solved the B.Oriole color dilemma. Any comments may help. Could it be a first year male? Female? Maybe someone else knows.
Thanks bird girl.

Aunt "B's" Backyard said...

Wow, Jayne, looks like you're have a great time with all of your birds! Your shot are just beautiful. Very nicely done!!

Stacey Huston said...

Beautiful birds. and I am so glad that you not only got to see them, but that you got such great photos of them. thanks for sharing~

bluebirder said...

The Mockers are a little scary looking jalynn - I've always thought so but they're great characters nonetheless. Catbirds are a personal favourite and you have some super shots today. Your oriole may indeed be a first year - our Golden Orioles take a couple of years before looking their best.

Marsha said...

Jalynn, these are all such wonderful shots. You are so lucky to have all of these beautiful birds in your backyard. It must be so much fun to just sit out and listen to all the birdsong.

The Birdlady said...

All beautiful! The mockingbird with the grapes is gorgeous!

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