Thursday, April 10, 2008

Surprise Sighting

One of the exciting things that happened on our way to see
the Short-eared Owl was a hawk we spotted along the road
It was on 422W between Ebensburg and Indiana. Luckily
there was a place to pull off the road and get some shots.
Look above the peak of the old building on the wire
That is our hawk!

He sat there and basically ignored us in the car.

We were speculating what he was. Not a Red-tail....
My friend thought Red Shouldered.

He stayed so long I got out of the car and got some better
shots that weren't through the car windows.
In this shot his tail reminds me of one of those dresses
that flares out at the ankles on a pretty girl.

He sat and sat and sat
There was a pond below him and now he is getting ready to dive.

His 'diving' routine was quick and funny to watch. It
seemed he just fell off the wire and plummeted downward

I have several shots as he did this 3 or 4 times while
we were there.

When he got into it he would turn and flare out his wings
like a gymnast doing a back flip.

Then his landing gear came down and he would land.

It seemed he was trying to catch something but we didn't
see evidence that he got it.

Then just as quick back up he would go to the line.
I got to practice my 'BIF' skills with these shots. I'm not
too good with them. But I do love the wing formations
and the way you can see the barring of the tail feathers
and wings .

Up, up, and away he would go ....

Back to the line and watching again.

We decided then and there if we did not see the Owl that we
would be happy with our surprise sighting of this
very cooperative hawk. (Well maybe!)

As I was editing these photos and getting ready to post
I kept hearing a song in my mind.. Maybe you will remember..
It's an oldie.
"up like a rocket ship...Down like a roller coaster....Fast like a loopty loop
and around like a merry-go round.... "

Before we left there, we were able to pull even closer and I
got this really nice shot of Mr. Red Shouldered Hawk before
he flew away from us. And good thing he did, or we would
still be along the road shooting pictures.

Another 'jane & barbie" adventure.
To God be the Glory -- Great Things He Hath done.


Stacey Huston said...

Beautiful. More Hawks! I love hawks.. ;-)Great action series of shots you got. Can't wait to see if you saw any owls..

jalynn01 said...

Hey Stacy,

Thank you as always. My owl shots are in an earlier post. Please check them out. They are before the Sharp-shinned Hawk post.

Mel said...

What a great set of pictures, just amazing!!

Jotter Jan said...

Nice Hawk series Jane and oh my what an acrobat he was!!!

jalynn01 said...

Thanks mel and welcome to my blog!

Yes he was quite entertaining. Thanks!

Bird Girl said...

You got some really nice shots of that red-shouldered hawk! He is handsome and I'm sure he was hungry! All that up and downing and nothing to show for all the trouble - haha! I'm glad he stayed long enough to make a positive ID! Great job!

Home Broker said...
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Sandpiper said...

What a gorgeous creature! I love the upside down shots and the ones showing off the beautiful markings on the tail and wings. Nice close ups toward the end, too. He let you get quite close. It's funny how sometimes they spook so easily and other times they seem sociable and don't mind at all if you take pictures. Wonderful shots!

jalynn01 said...

Thank you birdgirl.. I was so happy to get those shots!

sandpiper, I felt so fortunate to have this hawk stay and let me capture his every move. As you say, sometimes they spook and are gone before the camera is turned on! Thanks for stopping by!

kjpweb said...

Great sequence!
Thank you for sharing and for stopping by at my place!
Cheers, Klaus

Christy said...

Awesome series of shots...and an awesome bird too! :) Seems everytime I see a hawk in my car I don't have my camera with are very fortunate! :)

Marsha said...

I just love the "Jane & Barbie" adventures. You two are both such talented photographers and have such fantastic luck finding all these beautiful birds.

I really enjoyed this hawk series.

Anonymous said...

Good shots of the hawk. The last photo looks like he was posing for you.

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