Sunday, April 6, 2008

A Short-eared Adventure

Another week end of birding and how fortunate we are
to have seen and captured it.
Flying towards me I think...could it be? could it be?
My heart is doing more than 50 mph I will tell you.

A little closer and still I'm thinking nah! it can't be.

But as it goes overhead I am convinced that it indeed is!

When it sits atop a snag I KNOW that the Short-eared Owl
is mine to capture!

It was there and I was pinching myself while taking
way too many pictures. One after!!!

The eyes are so beautiful!
Oh My Gosh! what a cute little face! He looks soft as down
and beautiful in my lens. click- click- click!

His head swivels as if it's on a weather vane.

A little closer now one sits on a wire above my head.

The detail in his feathers is amazing to me...and I want to hold
him in my hand.

The field below is full of Red-winged Blackbirds and they
are telling him what for!

Get out - Get out- They scream as only Red-winged
Blackbirds can do.
Can't you see this is MY territory!

Dive bombing definitely isn't working.

How about I bite you in the butt!
The Owl is unaffected by their incessant behaviour and
his focus on the hunt.
As the light fades I am sad and do not want to leave this place
where I have seen my first Short-eared Owl.
As he perches atop a pine I say my goodbyes.
This is part of a series I will call
"jane and barbie' adventures.
Two best friends birding together.
Look for it in the future, and by all means check out her
She has some exemplary photos of the owl flying
and detail that will make your heart flutter.
Her post will be coming soon!


Bird Girl said...

Wow! You got some really great shots! I love the one on the wire...where you can see the owl's facial disk so well and his beak - it looks very three dimensional! So exciting!!!

jalynn01 said...

It was EXCITING as you well know. thanks!

Marsha said...

What a wonderful experience this must have been. I am so glad that you took lots of photos and shared them here.

jalynn01 said...

Thanks Marsha! It was just so thrilling and exciting... you just can't imagine. I always think I put too many photos up but I love pictures better than words sometimes.

Jotter Jan said...

Great shots Jane!!! So glad you and Barb had such a wonderful photo opportunity! Wish I had been along for the fun!!!

jalynn01 said...

If you would have been along we would be still be in the strip mine snapping pictures. HAHAHA Sorry you missed it cause it was really fun!

HANNIBAL said...

These shots are AWESOME! Glad you told us about searching your archives! I have only seen short-eareds a couple of times, and NEVER this close. I am hoping for a siting this year. Fantastic!

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